Monday, December 2, 2019

Boots, boots, boots

You guys know.. I LOVE BOOTS. I Love them for all seasons, I think they automatically make any outfit cool bring an easy edge. For all my ladies with bigger feet, all of these boots come in a size 11 and if not a 10 that runs on the larger side. I know how hard it can be to find boots that fit and feel good I have been doing it for as long as I can remember so please if you ever have questions get at me!


H A P P Y  S H O P P I N G


Tuesday, November 26, 2019

The Best Vintage Shops in NYC

I wanna travel back in time more than anything. Live for a bit in each decade and most importantly, wear the clothes! Since science & technology isn't quite there yet, I'll get my fix by spending an afternoon in a vintage store. Lucky for me, we have some really great gems here in NYC that can fulfill my dreams of dancin' through the decades! Whether you're looking for vintage designer pieces or lower-priced basics, we've got you covered.

Vintage shopping not only lets you time-warp your wardrobe, it's also a great way to be a more sustainable shopper. By buying vintage, you're purchasing one (but probably more than one 😉) less item that has to be manufactured & transported, and instead giving a new life to a piece that has already endured the process. What could be better than that? A recent Forbes article mentions how "the vintage and pre-owned market have blown up over the past few years, especially for the millennial audience. Increasing awareness of consumerism and the sustainability of shopping vintage have also become hot topics across fashion as a whole." It's so exciting to hear that there's more awareness of the need for sustainability in fashion and I am so pumped that buying vintage is a great way to participate in a more environmentally conscious lifestyle. 

My look in the photos for this post came from one of my all-time favorite vintage spots, What Goes Around Comes Around, and I even got the hairstyle to match :) Check out my list below of my top vintage stores around NYC + Brooklyn and get yourself over here! 

351 Broadway (b/w Broome St + Grand St)
As I mentioned, one of my favorites. WGACA's collection boasts some of the best designer names and is presented as little collections that can inspire your wardrobe with just one look. Their bag selection is enough to knock me out for a week and I once spent about four hours in here trying on vintage gowns.. you know I left feelin' like a queen.

L Train Vintage: 629 Grand Street, Williamsburg (& multiple other locations!)
No Relation: 204 1st Avenue, Manhattan
This place has everything you could want, six locations, and a huuuuge selection. It's more of a search and rescue mission than a quick stop+shop moment, but that's what makes it so great. You really feel like you've found something special when you walk out of there! You can grab anything from military gear to Dior and the prices aren't going to break the bank. I really can't stress this enough-- there IS something in there for everyone.. you may have to dig, or if you're like me, you may have an absolute breakdown because you're holding seven million items and your friends are no longer interested but you can't let go and so you throw a fit because you want it all and you're on a budget... but it's worth it! (Can you tell I'm crazy about vintage?)

10 W 13th Street (& multiple other locations!)
If you're looking for a bit more organization in your shopping experience, Beacon's Closet is consignment heaven for ya. One of New York City's more prominent vintage chain, with four locations between Brooklyn and Manhattan, Beacon's closet has been around for 20 years and has a great stock of pieces from streetwear brands, designer names, and boutiques. Bonus? You can sell your old stuff there to counteract the spending I promise you'll get into. 

130 Crosby Street, Manhattan (& multiple other locations!)
First and foremost, I want to point out that Housing Works is not only a vintage shopping spot- they are a non-profit organization founded in 1990 to demand housing for homeless individuals with HIV and AIDS and offer health services as well. The thrift store + bookstore side of Housing Works was implemented as a self-sustaining way to provide employment opportunities to the community as well as fund their organization! When you shop here, you're doing something great at the same time. They have clothing from well-known brands and all sorts of furniture that can inspire a room re-decoration that nods to the past.

112 W 17th Street (b/w 6th + 7th Ave)
If you haven't heard via my sunglass collection, my grandmother Patty was an absolute master of incredibly jewelry. You could hear her coming from a mile away with her jingling bracelets (or earrings.. how did she even hear us speak?) and massive shimmering brooches, it was I C O N I C. Definitely inspired my love for statement jewelry, which brings me to the next spot, Pippin Vintage Jewelry. While some pieces are quite pricey, they have something at every price point. If you're looking to add something incredible to your jewelry arsenal, this is the place for you. Their pieces range from costume to fine jewelry and it is all incredibly unique. Bonus? The back of the store is an entirely different store with different owners with some great vintage furniture!

Resurrection Vintage
217 Mott Street
With stores in both NYC and LA, Resurrection Vintage has gained a massive celebrity following by stocking up on vintage fashion for over 20 years. They focus on finding the most special fashion pieces from brands such as Chanel, Hermés, Maison Margiela, Valentino, and an insane amount more. It's like walking through a Fashion History museum! The prices here aren't cheap but the pieces are definitely not something you'll find anywhere else. It's an incredible place to browse around, just maybe bring a friend (or your accountant) to hold onto your wallet because I can't promise you won't fall in love.

Awoke Vintage
135 N 5th Street, Willamsburg (& two other Greenpoint locations)
For those not looking for high-end designer vintage, Awoke is a great spot for you! They're stocked to the brim with denim (it's Levi's heaven) and have a great selection of vintage t-shirts in almost every color. It's the perfect place to pick up wardrobe staples + everyday pieces, definitely worth stopping by.



Monday, October 28, 2019

Cargo Pants for the Win

Coming at you today with my new favorite pants. No they are nothing new, we are of course repeating a trend from my childhood, but it's one that I am not mad about. Taking it back to the days of Avril Lavigne I love getting back to my tom boy roots but this time around we are pairing them with the strappy heels and body suits to make the trend a little more sexy and elevated. I linked a few of my favorites below along with the coolest platform boots for fall. The chunkier the better! 




Tuesday, October 8, 2019

Denim for Fall

Lets have a quick denim chat. You guys know I have always been such a denim lover I am always on the hunt for new fun washes and shapes. My motto lately seems to be when it doubt... denim it out...

I wanted to share with you guys a few of my favorite brands as well as a few fun different styles for Fall. I love finding a pair of denim that has just a little character, unique buttons or combining different washes. This fit is really unique and designed by Mugler, so we can all have a little extra appreciation for the detail. I honestly am so inspired by I think it's time to whip out the sewing machine and start making old denim new again, what do you say? 

Would love to hear more about your favorite styles and brands! 




Monday, September 2, 2019

On Trend: Corsets

Ah the corset.. something once dreaded by 16th century women has now been reinvented and fits perfectly into your 2019 wardrobe. Most corsets nowadays are less structured and more aimed at accenting an outfit or gently defining the waistline, rather than crushing organs. We’ve seen them on runways and street-style, formal and causal, with some sewn onto shirts to make it just that much easier to rock the look.

Instead of hidden within the bodice of dresses, corsets have made their mark as an alternative to a belted look and are seen worn overtop of shirts or jackets to define the waistline and add some detail to the look. I’ve seen tons of different shapes of corsets all around! Some have exaggerated hip flares, some have attached harnesses, and you can find them in all types of material, color, and size. Pretty fun for an accessory-obsessed chick like me. There are the wider corsets, which cover the majority of your torso, or you can go slimmer, for grabbing just the middle of your waist, whatever you want! 

I put some of my favorites in the links below, so check them out if your interested, but here are a few ways to wear the trend:

Over a blazer. A total power move! Embrace your feminine figure while showing your business side by adding a corset over your blazers. Make sure the pieces underneath aren’t too bulky so you’re comfortable and cinched. Similarly, try a corset over a classic button-down top with a few open buttons.

Lace-up paneling. This is the answer to our lazy-day prayers.. sweaters, dresses, and blouses that come with corset-like details right on the piece! I’ve found this lace-up detail on so many cute tops and actually gotten some great pieces online without trying them on in store first. Since the strings are able to be tightened or loosened to fit your body shape, it’s not too much of a gamble to purchase online (which is always a plus). 

Voluminous sleeves. Over-exaggerated sleeves pair perfectly with the corset trend, allowing you to pull off the billowing arms without losing your shape. Wrap the corset around the top, allowing the bottom of the shirt to still show, and bam! Under all that puff you’ve still got a waist! I’d recommend wearing slim pants on the bottom to keep the shape tapering down to your feet.

Structured bodice + flowy skirt. Wearing a corset or corset-like top with a loose and airy skirt can give you an exaggerated silhouette that will make you feel dainty and ladylike while also kinda grunge. If you know me you know my style is always feminine with a rock n roll edge.

Overall, when dressing with corsets it’s important to pay attention to balancing your look. Don’t keep too much fabric underneath or you may look bulkier than you’d like. Cinch in on your oversized pieces to accentuate your shape and make the looks work for you! 



Wednesday, August 28, 2019

Screen Time Hydra-Mist

I’ve been slathering myself in sunscreen since I was a young girl, staying away from tanning beds, wearing sunglasses with UV protection, but suddenly I learned that UV light isn’t the only damaging light in our lives.. There’s something else that has tip toed into our day to day and is getting a bit too close for comfort. That light is blue light.

Blue light is a high-energy, short wavelength light that emits from the sun and artificial sources— I’m talking cell phones, computer screens, televisions, most screens in our lives! Blue light can penetrate deep into skin tissue and contribute to premature aging and stressed out skin. Not ideal! Especially for someone like me who has to keep my phone close and spends hours at the computer editing photos and keeping up with emails.

Once I learned about the harmful effects of blue light and realized how inescapable it is, I knew there had to be something I could do. I bought the clear glasses that protect your eyes but couldn’t seem to find the right product for my skin.. That’s when I partnered Volition Beauty to see what we could come up with! After months of testing formulas, finding the right ingredients, and making sure it offers the best protection possible, it’s finally here!!
I’m so excited to introduce the Screen Time Hydra-Mist— a super-fine, hydrating mist made of 12 natural oils and extracts that helps to protect your delicate skin from harmful blue light and photo-aging while leaving your skin soft and dewy. It’s seriously a dream, especially if you like face mists, like me.

So now I’ll get into some more details about the ingredients for ya! Marigold Flower extract is the main fighter in this product— it contains an antioxidant-rich pigment that helps to shield from blue light. Then we have Sunflower extract to nourish and hydrate your skin, with Safflower extract to give a dewy, healthy looking glow. Want to give your skin some more love? Us too! We added Indian Ginseng, which is full of amino acids, to help replenish your skin and Vitamin B5 + Rosemary extract to soothe your skin and help reduce redness for a softer, soother complexion. Our other ingredients also work towards hydration and protection, such as Chia Seed Oil and extracts from Lavender, Green Tea Leaf, Raspberry, Sage Leaf, and Rosemary.

To use the mist, shake it up reallllll nice and spray from about 12 inches away from your face while your eyes are closed. You can apply it throughout the day, as needed, and it can be used over make up or without. I know that my entire office is constantly spritzing.. it just feels so good and truly makes your skin so soft and glowy!

In order to get this product to you guys, we need your help.. Volition’s products come from crowd-sourced submissions that can be developed into a product and then gets support from the community. Once you get enough support and interest in your product, it will go into production and be available for all to use! Right now, we are working to gather up support in order to get this incredible mist out and we would love your help.

Click the link below to read more about the product and cast your vote!! I really hope we can get this out, it’s such a great product that can help so many people!



Wednesday, July 24, 2019

Tezza Sunglazzes!

As I sit here writing this blog post I am trying to contain all my excitement as this is a really big deal for me. My younger self would be flipping out and in disbelief to hear that my actual dream and hard work is coming true and paying off. As many of you may know, I have quite a love for sunglasses.. which is why I'm so incredibly excited to release my own line of eyewear!! The collection takes inspiration from three absolutely legendary women who have been heroes in my life since the beginning of time, my grandmother Patty, my sister Sophie, and of course, Stevie Nicks. Making these frames and choosing the color combinations was so much fun but also so tough... I want to make them all.. BUT! We ended up with three great shapes with colors to match any vibe and I can't wait to see how you guys rock them!

Take a look below to see a bit more about each shape and some of the photos from our campaign shoot, which took me straight back to the 70s in California, a time I wish I could spend a few years rockin' around in! 

My grandmother, Patty, was an icon. Six feet tall and a concert pianist that left you with no choice but to pay attention. Her wardrobe consisted of sequins, oversized jewelry, and more sequins. She taught me confidence on stage and to never shy away from a bold outfit choice.

Inspired by the one and only, the fashion-icon-rock-goddess-queen-of-the-universe, Stevie Nicks. Oversized aviators with detailed gold finishings. Turn on Rumours and pick me up in a vintage '72 Mustang, pronto. 

Inspired by my beautiful sister, Sophie Rose. She was sweet and feminine yet carried herself with a larger than life confidence and flair. She's one of the most talented musicians I'll ever know and the reason behind all that I do. 
I am also thrilled to announce that a portion of all proceeds from the Sophie Rose will go towards Sophie's Place, music therapy rooms in children's hospitals across the country giving kids hope and happiness with the power of music. Learn more about Sophie's Place here.
Shop the collection HERE!!
and use #TezzaSunnies or #sunglazzes to share your look and spread the love!
xox Tezza


Friday, June 28, 2019

Summer Whites

If there is one color I will be wearing all summer, it’s white. It’s the perfect color against warm tan skin and never goes out of style. I think half my closet during the summer is white, it just always works! With the 4th or July coming up I’m always looking for that perfect outfit that I can wear to a bbq or sit on the beach and watch some fireworks in. This set form Dynamite was the perfect find. Not only is it the most comfortable outfit, I feel like it’s something you can dress up or down with ease. Throw on a pair of sandals and make it easy breezy or a simple nude heel with a slick back bun and you’re automatically chic. I am and always will be the biggest fan of sets. It takes away any stress when putting together an outfit because it’s already made for you, and on top of that, you can always break it up and use the pieces with other outfits. Throw on this little white crop with some denim shorts? Or a button down blouse with these lounge-y linen pants. ALL ABOUT FUNCTION PEOPLE! I am trying to be more conscious about my clothing and buy things that I will use more than a few times. Of course I still love those one off crazy pieces, but having the right basics that are good quality is key! For more great summer selects, check out the links below or head over to Dynamite Clothing to stock your wardrobe! They’ve got it all, from great sets to perfect sundresses, you’re gonna find something great :) xox Tezza

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