Monday, September 2, 2019

On Trend: Corsets

Ah the corset.. something once dreaded by 16th century women has now been reinvented and fits perfectly into your 2019 wardrobe. Most corsets nowadays are less structured and more aimed at accenting an outfit or gently defining the waistline, rather than crushing organs. We’ve seen them on runways and street-style, formal and causal, with some sewn onto shirts to make it just that much easier to rock the look.

Instead of hidden within the bodice of dresses, corsets have made their mark as an alternative to a belted look and are seen worn overtop of shirts or jackets to define the waistline and add some detail to the look. I’ve seen tons of different shapes of corsets all around! Some have exaggerated hip flares, some have attached harnesses, and you can find them in all types of material, color, and size. Pretty fun for an accessory-obsessed chick like me. There are the wider corsets, which cover the majority of your torso, or you can go slimmer, for grabbing just the middle of your waist, whatever you want! 

I put some of my favorites in the links below, so check them out if your interested, but here are a few ways to wear the trend:

Over a blazer. A total power move! Embrace your feminine figure while showing your business side by adding a corset over your blazers. Make sure the pieces underneath aren’t too bulky so you’re comfortable and cinched. Similarly, try a corset over a classic button-down top with a few open buttons.

Lace-up paneling. This is the answer to our lazy-day prayers.. sweaters, dresses, and blouses that come with corset-like details right on the piece! I’ve found this lace-up detail on so many cute tops and actually gotten some great pieces online without trying them on in store first. Since the strings are able to be tightened or loosened to fit your body shape, it’s not too much of a gamble to purchase online (which is always a plus). 

Voluminous sleeves. Over-exaggerated sleeves pair perfectly with the corset trend, allowing you to pull off the billowing arms without losing your shape. Wrap the corset around the top, allowing the bottom of the shirt to still show, and bam! Under all that puff you’ve still got a waist! I’d recommend wearing slim pants on the bottom to keep the shape tapering down to your feet.

Structured bodice + flowy skirt. Wearing a corset or corset-like top with a loose and airy skirt can give you an exaggerated silhouette that will make you feel dainty and ladylike while also kinda grunge. If you know me you know my style is always feminine with a rock n roll edge.

Overall, when dressing with corsets it’s important to pay attention to balancing your look. Don’t keep too much fabric underneath or you may look bulkier than you’d like. Cinch in on your oversized pieces to accentuate your shape and make the looks work for you! 




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