Wednesday, August 28, 2019

Screen Time Hydra-Mist

I’ve been slathering myself in sunscreen since I was a young girl, staying away from tanning beds, wearing sunglasses with UV protection, but suddenly I learned that UV light isn’t the only damaging light in our lives.. There’s something else that has tip toed into our day to day and is getting a bit too close for comfort. That light is blue light.

Blue light is a high-energy, short wavelength light that emits from the sun and artificial sources— I’m talking cell phones, computer screens, televisions, most screens in our lives! Blue light can penetrate deep into skin tissue and contribute to premature aging and stressed out skin. Not ideal! Especially for someone like me who has to keep my phone close and spends hours at the computer editing photos and keeping up with emails.

Once I learned about the harmful effects of blue light and realized how inescapable it is, I knew there had to be something I could do. I bought the clear glasses that protect your eyes but couldn’t seem to find the right product for my skin.. That’s when I partnered Volition Beauty to see what we could come up with! After months of testing formulas, finding the right ingredients, and making sure it offers the best protection possible, it’s finally here!!
I’m so excited to introduce the Screen Time Hydra-Mist— a super-fine, hydrating mist made of 12 natural oils and extracts that helps to protect your delicate skin from harmful blue light and photo-aging while leaving your skin soft and dewy. It’s seriously a dream, especially if you like face mists, like me.

So now I’ll get into some more details about the ingredients for ya! Marigold Flower extract is the main fighter in this product— it contains an antioxidant-rich pigment that helps to shield from blue light. Then we have Sunflower extract to nourish and hydrate your skin, with Safflower extract to give a dewy, healthy looking glow. Want to give your skin some more love? Us too! We added Indian Ginseng, which is full of amino acids, to help replenish your skin and Vitamin B5 + Rosemary extract to soothe your skin and help reduce redness for a softer, soother complexion. Our other ingredients also work towards hydration and protection, such as Chia Seed Oil and extracts from Lavender, Green Tea Leaf, Raspberry, Sage Leaf, and Rosemary.

To use the mist, shake it up reallllll nice and spray from about 12 inches away from your face while your eyes are closed. You can apply it throughout the day, as needed, and it can be used over make up or without. I know that my entire office is constantly spritzing.. it just feels so good and truly makes your skin so soft and glowy!

In order to get this product to you guys, we need your help.. Volition’s products come from crowd-sourced submissions that can be developed into a product and then gets support from the community. Once you get enough support and interest in your product, it will go into production and be available for all to use! Right now, we are working to gather up support in order to get this incredible mist out and we would love your help.

Click the link below to read more about the product and cast your vote!! I really hope we can get this out, it’s such a great product that can help so many people!




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