Tuesday, April 30, 2019

New INSPR x Tezza Out Now!

Guys.. it's here! I'm so happy to share my new pieces from my design collaboration with INSPR!! Following in the footsteps of the first drop, these new additions keep the utilitarian theme running while adding a pop of color into the mix to brighten up your spring. The pieces also introduce a new pantone, Terrarium Moss, that continues to ground the collection paired with the earth tones seen in our first drop.

It's impossible to pick a favorite piece but I will say I'm having a bit of a crush on the paper bag shorts that come in a beautiful fiesta red. The matching belted utility shirt gives you a fully-figured-out look that's polished yet flirty and easy to dress up or down. Best part about this look? The pieces on their own are great with anything you already have in your closet! I tossed on the shorts, a vintage band tee, belt, and my doc martens for walking around the city on a warm spring day and it felt absolutely perfect. The shorts are a perfect alternative to jean shorts because they elevate the entire look and they're so dang comfortable. 

Another lil two in one? The long boyfriend top and utility skirt. Two perfect pieces to rock on their own this spring or double up and layer the skirt over the boyfriend top and you've got a solid look. I wore the boyfriend top with some leopard print biker shorts under and it was a light and effortless look with a bit of hidden edge. As for the utility skirt, we kept the same Soybean pantone from our first drop so it's perfect to pair with the cropped jacket and camis, like I did!  

Now I gotta talk about these jumpsuits.. I can't get enough of them! The new collection features a long sleeved Sweet Corn jumpsuit with a painter-style silhouette and a Terrarium Moss short sleeved jumpsuit that is a looser, more draped fit. Easiest things to throw on and head out in a hurry, no matter where you're going. The Sweet Corn jumpsuit can also be worn with the sleeves tied around your waist and a bralette or bikini top at the beach or on a hot hot day (you know it's coming). Have I mentioned how comfortable these pieces are..? 

The Terraruim Moss wrap dress echoes the earthy green of the zipper jumpsuit and offers a more feminine style, perfect for heading to late afternoon drinks or a springtime dinner with friends. The wrap allows you to adjust the dress to fit your body and guarantee it's gonna look great. 

Do you have any favorites? Shop the collection over at insprny.com and share your spring looks with me, I absolutely love seeing you all wearing your INSPR x Tezza pieces! 



  1. love all the pictures and your collection babe!! xx

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  7. Wow this collection is gorgeous! I think my favorite pieces are the white jumpsuit and the army green dress. It is so amazing that you have your own collection! You're a boss! <3



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