Monday, March 11, 2019

INSPR x Tezza: If Indiana Jones was a woman...

Hi loves!

So I’ve got some of the most exciting news for you… my collection that I created with INSPR is now available to shop!! I can’t even tell you how happy I am to have this opportunity to build this line from start to finish and see all of the amazing support from you all. Since I was a little girl, fashion has always been in my life. Creating a fashion line is a huge goal of mine and I cant believe that I now have tangible pieces that came from my own sketches, ideas, and of course my incredible team at INSPR! Ah man it’s such a crazy feeling!

When designing this line, I thought back to my childhood. Growing up being very tall from a very young age, I hid behind my tomboy look and was too afraid to be bold and confident. It was when I fell in love with fashion that I finally understood how to express myself. The first drop of this collection highlights the masculine, structured, and bold side of myself. Each next drop continues to become more feminine and soft, reminding me to celebrate all sides of who I am.

Inspired by the strong, confident, and fearless women in my life, I wanted to create a collection that allowed everyone to feel comfortable exploring their own style. I am a strong believer of combining opposites and in my daily life I am always mixing femininity and masculinity so I wanted to integrate that into these pieces. Just think about the power behind complimentary colors; two opposites come together to enhance each other and strike this incredible balance. 

When I first met up with the INSPR team for our initial chats, we honed in on the trends that were exciting me most and built up from there. It was so fun to explore what we loved about each trend and find a way to mix them together! Playing with earthy, neutral tones and modern, structured lines in addition to the bright and feminine side with ruffles and light fabrics, I was blown away with how well these worked together! As I mentioned in my previous post, these trends are now being seen all over runways, streets, and stores, so I felt like I had an idea of what elements of the trends would meld together nicely while still making it personal and something that represented my ideas.

For me, it’s all about fabrics and shapes. I wanted to create shapes that every woman feels confident in and find a balance between structure and flow. The collection should feel elevated, but still approachable. The woman wearing the clothes is the type of girl that no matter what outfit she throws on, it’s always cool. She mixes trends, but it somehow always works. It’s eclectic yet refined. 

These pieces are so easy to dress up or down, whether you’re headed out to brunch on a spring day or slicking back your hair and adding some heels for a night out with friends, it’ll always work. Not exactly styles you’d rock at the club or cocktail party but perfect for everyday wear and definitely the perfect look for the upcoming spring.

If you’re reading this post, I want to specifically thank you for being a part of this journey. I am not in it alone and it wouldn’t be anything without my community! I feel so blessed to have such amazing support! This is only the beginning .... 

All my love


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