Friday, December 14, 2018

The Coastal Kit



We are so excited to announce our newest collage kit- the Coastal Kit! Just like the Original Collage Kit, the Coastal Kit includes 150 printed photographs which have been taken by me and my husband Cole! Each 8.5 x 11 inch color photograph captures moments we loved and felt matched the coastal vibe your collage wall needs. 

We traveled all throughout the Italian Coast taking photo after photo as we tried to capture how much we loved our days surrounded by colorful architecture, incredible people, and the sparkling blue waters. We wanted to share the culture that had won us over almost instantaneously. This edition features many photos from our time in California, Hawaii, and the Italian coast, complete with locations and descriptions that act to inspire your travel or tap into your wanderlust. With beach scenes, blue skies, and bright moments, the Coastal Kit is just what the doctor ordered as the weather gets colder and colder! 

Getting this up on your wall is simple.. just grab some scotch tape, a blank wall, and get taping! I find it helps to put up a few then step back and check out your great work. The Coastal Kit has a great mix of standalone photos, two-page landscapes, graphics, and postcard-like pages, so get creative! 

Make sure to look out for exciting new variations of the collage kit, we’re always working on something new :) 

xox Tezza



  1. Oh gosh, this wall looks so fabulous! Such californian vibes here, I can almost smell the sea and sand !

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  3. When will you be restocking? I am really interested in purchasing one of these kits! I love all the photos! I know you say your restocking in January, but when? I want to make sure I get one before they sell out! Thanks!

  4. Hey! When will you be restocking the Coastal Kit? Would like to know beforehand so I can get one before they sell out again ;)

  5. please put it back in stock! also, you should have a way where you can contact customers via e-mail when an item is back in stock! That would be very helpful:) thanks xx

  6. hey! when will you be restocking? I really want to buy this! xx


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