Monday, December 10, 2018

CMA Awards 2018

We were lucky enough to go to the CMAs this year, which was the first time I have ever been to an award show. Of course you build it up in your head to be more glamorous than it is. You forget that there are odd holds for commercial breaks and that they actually prep you counting down from 3,2,1( start applause) when coming back from the commercial breaks lol.  It was so exciting getting to see some of the incredibly talented performers play their music live! Coming from a musical background and of course playing in bands my entire life, I am a sucker for a skilled musician and performer!!

To be honest I haven't been a big country music fan mostly because I just didn't grow up listening to it but I have to say, I think the CMAs changed me. (Inside scoop... we cannot stop singing Slow Burn by Kasey Musgraves.. it's beautiful and addicting.. so go turn it on!).

The JW Marriott was hosting Universals afterparty for the CMAs and when I say we tore the dance floor apart I'm going to need you to believe me. Fingers crossed there aren't any videos of us breaking it down.. needless to say we were sore the next day from all the laughing and dancing.

I love getting all glammed up for an event like this! I was wearing a gorgeous mint green gown by Monique Lhuillier, which gave me definite vintage Hollywood vibes that matched my pinned up hairstyle. I have never gone quite so stylized with a look but it made me realize how transformative makeup and hair can be to a look. I had a lot of fun with it.




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