Tuesday, September 18, 2018

A New Perspective - NYFW 2018

To quote the legendary Missy Elliot.. "Is it worth it? Let me work it. I put my thing down flip it and reverse it."

For those of you who are new to following me, you might not know that I started in the industry as a photographer, and more specifically a fashion photographer for 6 years. I was constantly pushing my creative limits and trying to come up with new concepts every day. When I got into blogging my fashion photography translated into my work, but I went with a more lifestyle approach to my photos. In a world that is becoming saturated with content I struggle internally as I see photo trends start to happen. By no means should anyone feel bad for being inspired by others images, but for me, a creator and artist, my own work started to feel a bit ordinary.

I am consciously making the decision to push myself, even harder, to create something that lasts in this disposable time of life. Every day I try to come up with things I have not yet seen, explore the possibilities of photography and fashion once again.  NYFW is a favorite time of year for me because it is where you see it all happen, the trends, the creations, the artists. Not only the designers but the stylists, the makeup and hair, the streetwear! This fashion week I decided I would try to push myself and my content. 

I find that sometimes we get a bit stuck in our ways. Whether it's from the comfort of keeping things familiar or the fear of failure, it's easy to stay within your predetermined boundaries. I hate to even write this line, but there are so many times I find something beautiful but don't post it because I know it won't perform well on Instagram. But I have to ask myself... when have I ever done this for "Instagram"? The entire reason I ever started sharing my art online was that I wasn't following rules I was breaking them, I didn't care what people thought and I did it for fun and for me.

I am trying to apply this mentality to fashion as well. Believe it or not, I even get nervous to switch up my style and try the unknown within fashion. I love my go to pieces which I think everyone should have, but every few months I push myself to try something a little different that has always scared me. And if I still hate it, then I learned that hey, I really don't look good in that . But more often than not I discover something new about myself.

Moving to NYC really taught me about my style and my inspiration for style. If anything I learned that I never got to fully explore my potential with fashion living in Utah because I didn't have anywhere to wear the crazy outfits I wanted to. But alas, FREEDOM came when I moved to NYC and was in a pool of people who were equally exploring their creative limits.

I remember the first time I decided to wear straight up high heels. Like skinny strap, tiny heel stilettos. I don't know if it was because I have been tall my entire life and mostly a tom boy, but I never thought they were for me! I wore boots year round and that was that. The second I tried on a cute heel that danced around my foot and ankle, I understood what it was like to feel sexy. Yes the most uncomfortable word for me to even type but I FELT SEXY. My legs looked better, my ankle skinnier, I felt like a woman and I loved it! Now most girls reading I am sure you are wondering what the heck I am talking about, but that was my thing. I opened that door and watched so many other doors open.

My point is ... what is your high heel? What is it that scares you, TRY IT! 

It's all about pushing yourself out of your comfort zone. This is where you really test your creativity and bring the opportunity to see an entirely new perspective. Maybe you've been avoiding a certain shape of dress because you deemed it "unflattering for your body shape". Maybe you have an unfounded aversion to certain pieces because of that one time in that one place that you tried on a similar look and hated it. Give it another shot! Remember hating eating veggies when you were younger? Well, a few years passed.. you gave them another shot.. and now you can't live without them! 

Let's not get stuck in a box... Let's grab the box and flip it sideways! Try a new style, forget the rules, forget your boundaries, and get creative. I'm feeling so excited about this after seeing all of the incredible designers at NYFW pushing the shapes, crossing lines, making the audience question their own boundaries. It really is inspiring.

The look I'm wearing in the photo is by Milly, one of my all time favorite designers. I have watched her grow so quickly. Her SS19 show this season was absolutely filled with color and movement, it was definitely one of my favorites.



Skirt , Top , Bag , Sneakers  


  1. You're so right. It can get overwhelming constantly being fed images and falling into a "box" but pushing our own limits will always yield amazing results!

    @ShantelRousseau | SimplyShantel.com

    1. Exactly!! Always easier said than done but as long as we're trying, right!

  2. I couldn't agree more with everything you said. Pushing the boundaries IS scary - but it's the only way to grow personally and beyond the zillions of content creators who barely push their limits. Your style is so refreshing and inspiring - and I've dubbed you the queen of bitchin' eyewear! much love.

    1. Ah thank you so much Tara! If only my shelves weren't overflowing with eyewear...

  3. Wow, really inspiring words! It's not always easy to constantly try new things and push ourselves but this is a very lovely reminder!


  4. Speaking nothing but the truth, as always! Such a good post T! xx

  5. Thank you for the inspiration <3

  6. Your post helps me understand many things about fashion industry and your career,It's so good

  7. Hi Tezza, I've been following you on instagram for a while and I think you are one hell of an artist. you push the envelope, you inspire, you're daring, gorgeous and most of all so funny and intelligent(your captions-dunk gal) this is the first time I visit your site and the first post I read, cant get enough. From this moment on I'll dare and go for it, thank you1


  8. very informative Thank you.


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