Thursday, August 2, 2018

Mixing Patterns

I am constantly getting questions about my outfit styling but the most common is how the heck I mix so many patterns!! Trust me, it’s taken some trial and error, but I think I may have a few tips to get you started. The most important trick I’ve learned is that whatever you bring together—wearing it with confidence is the number one way to pull it off! 

But lets talk about styling. A great way to get started is head to your wardrobe, grab a bunch of things that don’t make sense together, polka dots, striped t’s, floral skirts, and checkered pants. Lay them all out and give it a go. I usually go one of two routes: Clashing two bold prints together or one bold print mixed with a smaller less aggressive floral or stripe. 

Color is an important factor when playing with patterns, but it’s hard to nail down one specific rule to follow (and even if I had a rule, I would urge you to break it). For a less dramatic statement, try to stay within the same color family by working with different shades of one color. With this method, my looks usually come out a bit more causal and cohesive because the whole outfit leans on a single main color being more monochromatic. On the other hand, use complementary colors to bring attention to your main piece by making it pop. Complementary color combinations include one cool color and one warm color to create “simultaneous contrast” and make both colors brighter! Of course, you can always stick with black and white to stay safer, in which case you can try working with inverses- black on white with white on black. (think polka dot shirt, black with white dots, paired with black and white striped pants)

The power of neutrals cannot be ignored when you’re mixing patterns. Tying in a neutral piece can help to tone down the patterns and really bring the whole outfit together. If you’re not 100% sold on your look, adding a neutral jacket will quiet down the pieces and give a bit of effortlessness. Or sometimes I throw in an oversized natural bag to calm it all down and bring it together.  If you love the two patterns but they get too cluttered when they’re directly next to each other, you can add a solid piece in between to separate them, such as a belt or by keeping the patterns on different areas like mixing your shoe pattern with your top! Sometimes I will treat my own skin as a neutral and go with a skirt/shoe combo that shows a little leg to give some breathing room. 

My last tip is to try and pair small similarities within the pieces. Some people achieve this by using two different colors or sizes of the same pattern so that the look is cohesive yet funky. If theres a small patch of red within the design of one item, play up the red and find a pattern with the same red pop and it’ll look like they were made to match!

Good luck styling and show me what you come up with! I love seeing your looks and getting inspiration from them! Check out the pieces below to help you get started :)




  1. Your tips are so helpful! I find it difficult to mix and match a bunch of patterns. Now, I feel a little more confident to pull off some new looks. :)

  2. You know, I've never really thought to mix patterns before, and truthfully I think I steer clear from it because I was going about doing it all wrong. One thing that I think would help make the look better is keeping the prints in the same colour scheme so even though the patterns are different, they still go together, and also having neutral prints. All of this is pretty much what you said. (Writing it out also just helps it become clearer in my mind and I'm more likely to do it ;) ) I especially like the first outfit, and the second to last one. Beautiful!

  3. Your style is amazing

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  6. Gorgeous outfits! I love how you coordinate your outfits with your surroundings


  7. The geo print skirt in the first photo is so amazing! Where did you get it? Love this post, thank you!

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