Friday, August 24, 2018

A Day in Capri

There is nothing more magical than the Italian coast and I refuse to let anyone tell me otherwise. After about a week in paradise with my husband I am still not ready to be back in the real world! The amount of pizza and pasta we ate may be illegal but all the walking around and sightseeing we did made it allllll balance out (right?).

So this trip we were based in Positano with our rental car that we drove over from the Naples airport and took a day trip to Capri to get some new views. Oh man it was QUITE a day!! So incredibly beautiful and a great way to get some space from the crowded beaches during midday in August. Italy has a national holiday on August 15th, called Ferragosto, which marks the peak of summer and the start of vacation for most Italians. Some cities even shut down for the entire month of August! Of course, the trip was still absolutely incredible but there were times I swear the entire country was on the same beach. 

Anyways! Cole and I had a lovely morning in Positano before hopping on the ferry to Capri for a day of adventuring. Once we arrived at the main docks we decided to walk across to the other side of the island, which was STAIRS ON STAIRS! Such fun walk with some stunning views throughout the city, I absolutely loved it. 

Next stop was at the beautiful Da Luigi ai Faraglioni for some incredible beach time alongside the "faraglioni", which are the towering rock formations created by wave erosion. The sea was such a deep blue and they had some beach cabanas that were nestled into the rocky hillsides. It was stunning! Conveniently, Da Luigi is right next to another beach club, called La Fontelina, which is one of the most beautiful beach clubs in all of Italy. During summer months it is nearly impossible to get a spot at La Fontelina unless you have booked way far in advanced so many people opt for spending their days at the similarly incredible Da Luigi, which I cannot recommend more!

After some much needed R&R, Cole and I headed to Marina Piccola for a boat ride around the entire island of Capri to see the stunning caves and rock formations. Ya know those photos you use to see as as a kid of places in the world and you tell yourself... one day I'm going to go there? Well Capri was my place! I felt like I was in a movie as we played in the sun while cruising around the island! I wish we had more time in Capri because there is soo much to see and do! Something fun and surprising in Capri was the amount of designer shopping. It felt like a museum of designer wear made specially for Capri. We packed a lot in on our one day and by the time we took the ferry back to Positano we were wiped.

Long story short, put Capri on the top of your list.




  1. I love how this post was written – both relaxed yet well written and clear. Capri sounds so magical and my Italian roots are really aching to go back to Italy! There are so many places over the country that I hope to visit and now I'm thinking of moving Capri to the top of my list. The boat ride really seems like such a fabulous experience and a great way to look at the city from a far. Also being a water baby I would adore being able to just jump into the water like that. All the colours in the photos are popping so much too! Fabulous post as always Tessa xx

  2. I want to visit Capri so badly! This post and all of the images makes me feel even more excited to visit there in the future. Thanks for sharing. :)

  3. This series of photos is one of my favorites of yours ever! We went to Capri just for a day a few years ago and I couldn't agree more with what you said, and these photos took me back! I want to go back for an extended period of time in the future because it is truly so beautiful. I thought it was fine and all until we took the boat tour around the island and then I was like, OMG I'M OBSESSED with this place haha. Something about being able to see the perspective and the scenery from afar really made me appreciate it - it was hard to really visualize how grand the place is when I was just walking through the streets (though they were cute don't get me wrong). The colors, the scale, the unique landscape, ahh it's just amazing.

    xo Mary-Katherine

  4. Italy indeed is a paradise! Amazing photos! Looks like u had quite an incredible holiday! xx

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  13. All I want is to go to Capri -- the pictures are amazing!!


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