Monday, July 30, 2018

NYC Apartment - Keepin' it Fresh

We have been trying to move but moving in NYC is just impossible especially after you have completely fallen in love with your small box studio apartment like we have. You would be in SHOCK at how much we can squeeze into this little space while still being sure that it feels like home to us. We have our fair share of clean out days, organization hours, and redecorations, but throughout all of that we still have not lost an ounce of love for this place. 

As many of you have noticed over the last years of living in NYC, our apartment has been arranged in probably four hundred different ways. We have had couches come and go, rugs replaced, and plenty of different bedding set ups that give the apartment an entirely different vibe every time. Sometimes it can even feel like we have moved places entirely! Did you even think it was possible to have a studio apartment with room for a home office, jam session corner, and all of my piles of clothes?!

A much less invasive way to switch up your space is to redecorate your walls with new art pieces or even just new arrangements. One of our walls is completely covered in the Collage Kit (that will be restocked in August!!) that has gone from true collage-style layering to more organized and grid oriented. It seems like a small change, I know, but it really changes things! 

A great way to make your space into a mini-rotating-gallery is to grab some different sizes of basic frames from just about anywhere and start filling them with posters or art from friends. I love to support my friends’ work and I’m often buying any prints or sketches whenever I come across them. Having this stockpile of different styles makes it easy to piece together a cute little wall with all sorts of loveliness. PROTIP RIGHT HERE- Command Strips are heaven sent.. they can hold anything on the walls without you needing to nail in or destroy your paint job. Seriously a lifesaving product!

Aaaand for my last trick— don’t forget the bed! Getting new bedding can be expensive and no one has the space to keep several sets just laying around (or is that just me?). Instead, I stick with one main bed spread and blanket and give my creative attention to ze pillows. Pillow cases give you the option to include a louder print without making the entire bed look cluttered and overwhelming. If you have a few different shapes and sizes of throw pillows, you arrange them differently almost every day and when you get bored of a pillow case just switch it out! My bed seriously has a million ways to be made and depending on which pillows are showing it can have a totally new vibe.

Shop the links below to check out some selects for your apartment!




  1. Your relationship is beautiful

  2. These photos are everything! I really hope that one day I'll be able to have a relationship as lovely as what you have shown us here! Your laughs are priceless and it's these moments that I feel are what truly bond a couple and in years to come it will be so lovely looking back on these photos! Okay, on a different note – I totally understand the NYC apartment thing. I can now say that I've worked my way from the bottom of the city to the top in terms of where I have lived so I understand what it's like to really bring and apartment together and make the most of your space. From the pictures you've shown us, you've done that beautifully! And cutting a peach in bed? Now that is just too heavenly! xx

  3. You guys are too cute and I love your apartment! I know how you guys feel! My boyfriend and I have so many issues with space, we had to build a closet basically in the kitchen instead of getting a kitchen table (who eats anyway lol just kidding)! Loved this post!

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