Thursday, May 10, 2018

How To Have The Best Time In Belgium

After driving for a few hours from Amsterdam to Belgium we finally reached a little town right outside of Waterloo. We pulled down a tiny, windy lane, snaking between low red brick walls and big green trees. As the lane opened up, we passed cottages, farmland, and wild-flower patches, the ideal Belgian neighborhood I could only dream of a few days ago. Our Airbnb was a cottage nestled between a plot of land ruled by a herd of sheep and a rich green field littered with wildflowers. When do we move in?! Our few days in Belgium were perfect! We ate great food, explored magical forests and meandered through one charming town after another. Here are my must-dos when visiting Belgium:

1. Bruges

If I could only recommend one town to explore in Belgium I would have to absolutely recommend Bruges. While Brussels was cool and had more of a “big city” vibe, the charm factor of Bruges is unbeatable. I’ve been to many quaint little European towns, and Bruges is really high on the list of most charming. The buildings are pastel and colorful and have a cottage aesthetic, the shops are beautiful and boutique, and there are breathtaking sites to see around every corner. In terms of eating there, I highly recommend Salé et sucré. It’s run by the coolest couple and they handle the whole operation. All of the food is fresh, delicious and unique. After you grab some food, hit up The Market Square and St Bonifacius Bridge for some truly stunning sites and prime photo-ops. 

2. Waffles, Chocolates & Frites

There are 3 essential food groups in Belgium: Waffles, Chocolates & Frites, and you need to try them all! For waffles, I recommend hitting up Maison Dandoy in Brussels. They have been doing their thing since 1829 and can make a dang good waffle! You must get a liege style waffle, which means it is coated with a layer of crispy sugar to make it all the more delicious. As far as chocolates and frites go, we simply wandered the streets until we stumbled upon spots that looked good. It’s hard to go wrong! There are chocolate shops on every street offering up dark and milky treats, and a cone of fries with a topping or two is delicious anywhere you get it and a great companion to wandering the streets. 

3. The Blue Bell Forest

This.👏Place👏 Is👏Magic🦄 The forest has trees as tall as the eye can see, and on a beautiful day sun will beam between them and light up the Blue Bell flowers that carpet the ground. You almost can’t believe it’s real. A tranquil forest with liquid blue flowers covering every inch of the ground. If unicorns were real, this is definitely where they would live. Spend an afternoon here wandering through this magical setting, it’s unlike anything else I have ever seen and my most unforgettable moment in Belgium.  

I loved Belgium! Currently trying to figure out how to have a little countryside cottage outside of Bruges it was so enchanting. Next up, Germany here we come!




  1. Your trip sounds really fun! Thanks for sharing. :)
    I have to visit there someday.

  2. I love all photos your trips are the best

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  7. I must say, your post is interesting & engaging one! It seems you had a great time in Belgium! I love your pictures! I am planning a Belgium excursion in the month of September. Your blog helped me a lot in planning my itinerary. I have already applied for my Visa to Belgium !


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