Thursday, April 26, 2018

5 Things To Do In Amsterdam

Hip, skip, we going on a roooooaadd trip! I’m with my babes from Barefoot Blonde Hair (if you don’t know about them, now ya do, they make the best hair extensions around) going on an epic road trip, exploring some gorgeous European cities and snapping photos along the way. First stop, Amsterdam, and wow, what an epically gorgeous city. We stopped here for about 3 days and had such an incredible experience! Here are my 5 fave things we did there ❤️

5. Get a van Wonderen Stroopwafel

These waffles were sooooooo good and came from the most beautiful little shop in the heart of Amsterdam. They have flavors from strawberry to oreo and everything in between, and they make them piping hot fresh right on the spot. It was our first food stop in Amsterdam and absolutely worth it. The waffles are thin and crispy with some sweet, sugary concoction in the middle, then dipped in chocolate and finished with the topping of your choice. I can smell it now just thinking about it. Fair warning: you may never want to eat an Eggo waffle again after having one of these bad boys. Make sure to get them here at the one and only van Wonderen Stroopwafels.

4. Spend a few hours in Haarlem

Haarlem is a quaint little town about 40 minutes outside of Amsterdam and is definitely worth visiting for a bit. It’s similar to Amsterdam, but much quieter, incredibly charming, and just a delight to walk around. Every building and alleyway is a photo-op, canals flow between the streets and the people are wonderful. We even stumbled upon an amazing little fair in the middle of town complete with a ferris wheel and cotton candy. Our day in Haarlem was magic and a highlight of our time in Amsterdam! 

3. Rent a bike and cruise

Amsterdam is built for bikers, and it was my absolute favorite way to get around the city. There are bike rental shops everywhere, but the one we used was Ajaxbike. And let’s just say they had a cheetah print bike, so that’s how you know they are great. Every street has a great bike lane, and bikes are locked up allllll over the place. It seems to be the favorite mode of transportation among the locals, and now I can see why. The streets are charming, there are bridges over beautiful canals at every turn, and it’s just an overall beautiful way to immerse yourself in Amsterdam and its culture. 

2. Boat through the canals

This was soooo much fun! Anywhere we go in the world near water, I am finding a way to get on a boat. I always love it, its a great way to experience a new destination, and it’s just so relaxing. We had beautiful weather and just the best time cruising through the canals of Amsterdam. Our guide was able to give us a little history of the city, we saw some of Amsterdam’s best architecture, and it was prime time for taking fun photos with the crew. Amsterdam is built around the water, almost similar to how Venice is in a way, you can get anywhere via boat and just park like a car, get out, and bam, you’re in the city. 

1. Tulip fields 

This was truly unforgettable and something I have wanted to do for a long long looonggg time. We were able to track down some wonderful Tulip farmers who were willing to let us explore their fields for the day and just wow, the colors! Tulips as far as the eye can see and colors popping like a bag of candy. It was amazing!! I might move to Amsterdam and become a tulip farmer now? I mean how could you not be the happiest person of all time when you’re surrounded by this beauty all day, everyday? I absolutely recommend this. You’ll have to hit Lisse, which is another little town right outside of Amsterdam, and there are tulips everywhere! Literally hundreds of tulip fields in this town. Just drive along the street and you will surely see tons and tons of fields. If you’re really feeling it, grab a bike and cruise through Lisse. You will be surrounded by the colors and smells of thousands of tulips, you may never want to leave. 

Amsterdam was a hit! We absolutely loved this beautiful city and the surrounding areas. The colors, the smells, the canals and the bikes, the city is a dream. Add it to your list! 

Next up on the Barefoot Blonde Hair road trip… Belgium! 



  1. How fun! Your pictures and your recommendations makes me want to visit Amsterdam right now. Thanks for sharing. :)

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  7. Firstly haarlem is a city not a town.its the capital of Northern Holland to be exact... And it's not a part of Amsterdam and it's 15 minutes away by train not 40. Get your facts straight. The Netherlands are a country not just amsterdam surrounded by everything Amsterdam adjacent

    1. Jesus christ, your even calling the tulip fields Amsterdam... People who life in Lisse wouldn't want to be found dead in Amsterdam. Ignorant idiots


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