Monday, January 15, 2018

Green is the new Black

GREEN IS THE NEW BLACK. We live in such an amazing time in the world where eating healthy and being environmentally conscience is cool. And yes, I know wearing green is not doing much for either of those things, but it is a friendly little reminder. I am trying to take steps every day to be a better human on this lovely planet earth, every little bit counts. 

Over the past I have been pretty irresponsible, leaving things plugged in that aren't being used, throwing away La Croix cans instead of recycling, letting unused food go bad. Today I am vowing to,  well whoever might be reading this, but really myself to try my best and change. 

One thing I have loved about living in NYC is the amount I get to walk. When I got home to Utah which is one of the most gorgeous places on earth full of people enjoying the outdoors, I realize how often you have to drive from place to place. In NY a 30 min walk to get something really doesn't seem too bad. And yes there are days, especially when it's cold that I jump in a cab or an Uber, but next time your about to drive, think if you could walk! 






  1. Lovely outfit! Also, amazing post too. I’m definitely going to think about my transportation style the next time I go anywhere. :)

  2. Such a cool outfit! I love it! But please don't fall over the edge!! haha
    xx Jenelle

  3. I love this outfit

  4. Girl, you have killed it with this photo series. I mean, the graphics are seriously fabulous (and so are you rocking green!).

    This message is so important too and definitely something I'm trying to be more conscious of these days. I've realised that I hardly have any rubbish anymore, just recycling, which is pretty amazing.

    Love, Kiara ⚡️

  5. These photos are awesome, what a place to shoot.

    Mel x

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  7. The outfit is great Tezza, but your message is even better! I was just thinking today how grateful I am that I get to walk as much as I do. Today I walked all around the Upper East Side after I had lunch, then had a lovely/chilly stroll through Central Park...and finally crossed over to home on the UWS. I lived on the West Coast and was also relying on my car to get me everywhere. It's 22 degrees and snowing in Houston, Tx right now (my hometown) I NEVER had a snow day as a kid...and they have had 2 in the past month! Global warming is real! I hope we all make changes as you have to save our beautiful planet!! Proud of you. Great post!!

  8. Hey!
    Love it!<3
    How did you make this collages?

  9. Dear Tezza
    I just wanted to stop by and tell you how amazing your illustrated photography-artwork is! Such a beautiful creation! Love your work❤️

    Hugs from Switzerland

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