Sunday, December 17, 2017

Shine Bright Like a Diamond

I had a special evening last week rocking some of the most beautiful diamonds from De Beers which I selected to match my star dress! Any girl who tells you they don’t like diamonds is just trying to play it cool and is probably lying haha. There is nothing wrong with appreciating something so beautiful! If you know me you know I will always select something off the cuff, something different that most people wouldn’t. That’s what I loved about going into the De Beers store and looking through their diamonds, they had everything from the classics to the most unique that looked vintage and antique (which yes I am sucker for).

Cole and I decided to have a night out on the town hitting up one of our favorite restaurants on the lower east side called Minnies. I am really lucky to have my guy. There really isn’t anything that can replace being with someone who just gets you. He makes me a better person, pushes me to be my most creative, inspires me every day.

I hope everyone is enjoying the holiday season, feeling the love in the air, spreading joy and shining bright like a diamond!


Feeling Fancy? Check out De Beers Diamonds :)

shop the dress: Here & Here



  1. that dress! I'm a sucker for stars, I'm obsessed!

  2. Very beautiful! I love you earrings. :)

  3. Beautiful dress looks AMAZING

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