Friday, November 17, 2017

Washington Square Park

I think we can all agree, one of the reasons we love fall is pulling out the cozy sweaters and fabulous boots. Probably two of my favorite items that live in my closet! I used to have such a hard time finding thigh high/over the knee boots that were tall enough for my legs. I think someone got the hint because now they are everywhere I look. Tall boots are the perfect combo for a mini skirt when it's too cold to rock one without tights, tall boots are a great replacement for tights! I used to be so afraid to wear them, but trust me, if you have never tried a pair on because you are like me and they intimidated you for some odd reason, GO TRY SOME ON! I think you will be shocked at how much you love them. 

Thanksgiving is so so soon I can't even believe it. Cole and I are staying around the city this year once again. Christmas & Thanksgiving just seems too close to go back and forth to Utah, but at the same time, everything is worth it for family! Luckily my Aunt and Uncle live out here along with my cousins, who are like sisters to me! I even think my grandpa is coming out here as well so we are definitely checking off the family box. My aunt is from Denmark and is one of the most incredible cooks I know so my mouth is already watering thinking about it. I think I need to go on a pre-Thanksgiving detox next week to prepare haha! Between all the traveling and holiday dinners I am not feeling my healthiest right now. I can feel my energy slipping away from me. I need to step it up! If any of you have any good holiday remedies for recharging or little health tips please send them my way! 

On that note, I hope everyone enjoys their Thanksgiving and time with the people they love! 
Sending you lots of love from me!




  1. q96!! it's amazing how much more energy I have when I take it. It's a great boost when you need one.

  2. I love this outfit its super nice! i love skirt

  3. Love the skirt!<3

  4. Your outfit is so cute! Great post as always. :)

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