Wednesday, November 15, 2017

Bundle up

Who doesn't love wrapping up in a puffy coat? Seriously it might be the only thing that will get me through Winter this year. New York gets so so cold, I'm not ready for it! I just got back from Japan & Thailand and the second I touched down in NYC I could feel that icy wind that cuts through the city. I immediately scoured for a puffy coat and found this amazing thing! No wind is cutting through this puppy! It's super warm and I love the big, bold, vintage stripes. I've linked it in this post below .. highly recommend!!

On a side note, how crazy are these pigeons in Washington Sq. Park!? I kinda felt like I was in Paris again haha. There was a friendly man who was feeding the pigeons as we walked up and I told him he was so nice to feed them. His response was "Ah yeah I'm happy to do it, I love what I do". I loved it! He was so happy to be hanging out feeding some pigeons on a cold NYC day. So let's all love what we do as much as the sweet man in Washington Sq. Park loves feeding the pigeons!




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