Friday, May 12, 2017

Original You

I recently partnered up with my babes over at Kork-Ease to bring you what I think of as the most comfortable shoes in my closet, the Lawton slip on in light grey. Obviously with walking around the city every day comfort is always on the top of my list. I have been a fan of Kork-Ease for some time now they just know how to nail that easy, goes with everything, fashionable as well as durable, type of shoe. 

Right now they are running their Original You campaign. I am all about figuring out what makes you YOU, owning your style, being different and going for it. Since moving to NY I have really learned a lot about my own personal style and what makes me unique. It wasn't until moving here I realized where my style inspirations came from. To hear the rest of my thoughts on being the #originalyou Head over to my Kork-Ease Q&A



  1. Lovely outfit! Your shoes look super comfy. :)

  2. Love your outfit!! May I ask about the blouse?

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