Tuesday, May 23, 2017

NYC & Slip Dresses

The heat is turning up in the city and you know what that means, slip dresses and sandals. I will never forget moving here last year right after the spring breeze had left and I entered into a hot sticky sweaty sauna of death. New York in the summer can be brutal but it just means being prepared, be prepared to walk outside and having the shower you just took not even matter. Be prepared to walk around with deodorant and perfume and realize that YOU ARE NOT ALONE!( haha ) Everyone is sweating! Luckily we haven't entered the heat wave yet and I am hoping this year is different than last. 

I can't believe I am coming up on my year anniversary of moving to NYC. I feel so at home when I am here it's hard to believe there was a time that I wasn't. I have the most amazing friends, I love my job, I love the food I love the hustle, I love my little apartment and being here with my husband. We really are so lucky to be here together every day we just look at each other in shock that we made it happen. 

We are also coming up on our two year anniversary of being married which is crazy! Our marriage is still so young but it has been the best and easiest thing I have ever done. I am lucky to have my best friend be my husband. Moving away from family of course is always difficult but it has been so great for our marriage. We have gotten to know each other in a new way and have learned how to rely on each other.  It's really incredible being with someone who understands you, in every way possible. They accept your flaws and your quirks they in fact they love them. They support you on your wildest dreams and they listen to you even when it's frustrating. It's amazing I get to be with someone I look up to, someone I learn from every day. Someone who respects me like I respect them. Anyway sorry for the cheesy love rant but life is just really good right now, I am the happiest I have ever been. 

This outfit was inspired by the one and only Fred Flintstone, ok not really but as I was editing I thought hmmm Fred is that you?? I can be down with that. Can we just take a moment and reflect on how amazing that cartoon use to be. I wish I could go back to being a little kid and tuning in every Saturday with a large bowl of cereal my 4 siblings and dad watching cartoons. 





  1. Lovely outfit! I like the Fred Flintstone inspired look haha. :)

  2. Tessa thank you for sharing....somehow I missed your marriage and your move....but I wish you and your husband nothing more than happiness always! I knew your grandmother Googe,who taught me in Glee Club in high school is looking down on you and loving that you are so happy with your life and accomplishments. I loved her she was such a dear woman! God Bless you...

    1. Oh no way! that is crazy, so glad you go to know such a fantastic woman. Miss her so much. Sending lots of love your way as well.

  3. I love the retro look here, from the sunglasses to the leopard print. Loving it!



  4. what brand is the bag??????? it's fantastic;)and i realy love it

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