Wednesday, March 15, 2017

Acai on me!

First things first lets talk about how amazing Hawaii is. My best friends called me a week ago, she is currently in Law school and has her last spring break before she hits the books to study for The Bar and says to me, 'lets go to Hawaii',  I mean how could I deny it right? We have been BFF since day one in college and now live on opposite sides of the country so trips like this are always a YES!

We typically only ever fight over one thing and that is paying for each other. I'm always like 'oh I got this' and she argues and says ' no no, I got it!' and next thing you know we have spent 25 minutes arguing who gets to pay haha. I m sure some of you can relate. So today as we strolled over to (and I mean this when I say) one of the best acai bowl food trucks I have ever been to, of course this issue came right up!

So this time instead of waisting time arguing I slipped her a lil notification using my Square Cash App. Which by the way, I am sure you guys use a similar paying app, but if you haven't tried the Square app I highly recommend. None of that silly social sharing, the money goes straight to your account without waiting a few days, the interface is so well designed, and it just does one thing and it does it well... simplicity people, what more do we want? 

Anyway, there is no denying the money once it comes in therefor no more room to argue, therefore much easier to split and also much easier to forget your wallet which I do far too often.

Here is a link to the App and Website if you guys want to give it a try. 

Cheers friends




  1. I've missed your lush boho photos like this! I might just have to pick up an acai bowl today. Looks so yummy!

  2. How fun! I miss going to Hawaii. :)
    The acai bowl looks so good.

  3. May I ask where your skirt/crop top is from? I'M DYING, love it!


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