Tuesday, February 14, 2017

Valentines Love a new Playlist for You!

Woke up to my love as I do every day and couldn't wait for the day to begin. For all the Valentines haters, I get it, I have been there too, even if you have someone to love and you think it's cheesy or ridiculous I have decided it's amazing to celebrate love, of all kinds between anyone and for anyone or anything! This year I have made an extra effort to focus on spreading love because it's contagious and it is strong enough to change the world. 

I have to apologize for skipping out on you guys for January with a new playlist. Things have been moving so fast and I never got around to it. But here today I am coming at you with some V- Day Jamzzzz. It's chock full of throwbacks to some classics including MJ and the Beatles fading into some JT and Beyonce. I love all the memories attached to songs... taking you back to the days when you were young and crazy to old relationships to your first concerts.  I hope you guys enjoy this playlist! And i promise you next month I will be coming back at you with some fresh new finds for March... wait is that real? MARCH!? Less than a month away? Yikes. 

Much love to you all and if nothing else will you be my Valentines?
I love you all so much thank you for your constant support and advice, I can definitely say I FEEL THE LOVE! 



  1. 1 - yes to your outfit and
    2 - love Mazzy Star so glad you featured them... <3 Hope Sandoval <3

    Fiona @ www.wildhearted.us + www.instagram.com/fionavirginia

  2. Loved your playlist! MJ and Rihanna are my favorites. :)
    I really liked your outfit too!

  3. This playlist is everything!!! ✨GOLD✨

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