Monday, February 27, 2017

Night Cap


A coconut La Croix and a long silk slip, that's what I call a night cap. I feel exhausted this week and like there is so much to get done and it's only MONDAY, shocker, I know. I have so many texts, emails, DM's, shoots, editing, to catch up on and all I want to do is just slip into bed and listen to the sound track of La La Land, don't judge me. 

I will never forget reading a quote one day that said something along the lines of . . . I hate to break it to you, but it's all going to work out. . . and isn't that the truth. In the end it all gets done cause it has to and new issues find their way into your life and the circle of stress continues! So why do we waste so much time being stressed. I find myself always talking to myself on this subject. I keep trying to convince my mind that there is no need to worry about it because regardless it has to happen, but tell me I'm not alone when I just want to vent to someone because talking it out just helps me actually understand the perimeters of my stress. I think the most helpful thing I do (and please comment below would love to hear how everyone copes with the stresses of their lives) is write down a list so I can mentally visualize and prioritize. If I got to long building it up in my head I feel like a ticking time bomb!!!

Enough about stress just writing about it is stressing me out as I am sure it is you. I think it's time to create a nightly ritual. Something I do each night or even day to just check in with myself and chill out and focus on the beautiful things of the day, even if it's just five minutes. Life is too short to get caught up on the little things. I don't know if any of you have tried the app HeadSpace, it focuses on simply helping you mediate and reduces stress. My husband and I do it together a few times a week and it's a great way to reset. Another app we have been using called Yoga Studio by Gaia. It's free and I think extremely well done yoga classes form beginner to experienced to relaxing and straining it has something for everyone. We just do it in our little NYC studio apartment and it's fantastic. 

Cheers to a stress free week everyone. 

Peace love and happiness. 


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  1. Totally relatable topic. I've been stressing lately too! I find that mediating and listening to music helps me release some of my stress. :)

  2. Girl looking so fab, not stressed at all! hehe. But yes, meditation is something great, need to get back into it!


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  4. Couldn't agree more with your experiences! Love love love your insights and stunning photos! I'll have to try out the headspace app that sounds great. One thing that I have found to soothe my stress is to take time to appreciate/love/serve someone around me. Some of my most calming moments have been when I'm with someone and just think about how amazing they are-that they are a beautiful divine creation. It reminds me of what really matters in life! :)


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