Monday, January 2, 2017

The Lady Bag LV

Jumping in to the New Year just like everyone else featuring my favorite accessory this Vintage Louis Vuitton bag from The Lady Bag LV! I find something so exciting about vintage, something someone used before, loved it lived in it, then passing it on to me to continue its story. I get that nostalgic feeling of being a kid and dreaming I would one day find the jeans from The Sisterhood Of the Traveling Pants haha. 

I generally have a hard time making the big leap to purchasing a brand new designer bag, it's a lot of money and you want to love it. So this has been kind to he perfect find, because it feels brand new and timeless like it will last forever! I will probably pass it down to my lil girl one day ;) 

If you haven't noticed when it comes to bags I usually pick a smaller side cross-body bag. I don't like my purse to be too big, otherwise I will fill it with nonsense and never be able to find what I need hehe. 
So if you feel like spoiling yourself a little bit and getting a new bag, ya know, new year new you then check out their site, they have a ton of amazing selections and the company is run by literally the worlds most adorable and sweeeetest sisters! They will help ya track down exactly what you are looking for :) 

lots of love



  1. Wow incredible! Thanks for sharing, Tessa!

  2. I love this whole look! I hear what you're saying about loving vintage. I think it's so cool finding hidden little gems <3

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