Tuesday, January 17, 2017

She Looks too Pure to be Pink

It's rare that you get lucky enough to move to a brand new city and somehow, out of thin air, you meet some of the most amazing people you have ever met. It is even more lucky that they are just as weird as you are and inspire you to be a better you every single day. These are my dearest friends @Lindsilanestyle and @styleontherise. They both have outrageously rad style and enough personally to take over NYC.  
You know when you are just creatively tapped out and you feel like you need to be pushed off a cliff to remember how to be you?! Ok probably not cause that sounds crazy but that was how I felt over 8 months ago.  I needed a change I needed that big push of inspiration. I needed to be uncomfortable and to try and remember why I loved doing what I love. 

My biggest fear in life is being comfortable. I get really bad anxiety when I have a routine and I know what to expect. I like to live on the edge day by day. This is not a lifestyle many would probably want but it's how I keep my brain moving. 

My brother sent me a quote this morning that has been running through my head non-stop.. 

“Being better is good, but being different is better.”
“If you are a details person, don’t focus on big picture. If you are a visionary that’s not detail oriented, then don’t promise details, deliver on your strength.”
“If you are trying to be good at everything, you’ll be great at nothing.” 

The Art of Charm podcast | ep. 574
How to Fascinate with Sally Hogshead

In a summary he said this is something that you should apply to you and what you do. Be you and be different, cause being different is better than being better at the same thing. 

That is some food for thought that I really needed this week. 

Any who, i just think it is so important to be open. Let everything in you can always let it back out. But you won't really know who you are until you have explored it all. Which will take a life time yes, but that is what is exciting. 




  1. Amazing post, Tessa! And what a beautiful quote. <3 Thank you for sharing:-) Cannot wait to listen to the podcast

    1. So glad you like it! Yes give it a listen, podcasts are life! :) xx

  2. Amazing blog post as always! I'm not a fan of routines too. I like doing something new every day. :)

    1. Thanks Jennifer, Ah yay so glad you are with me :) hehe

  3. Cuute! What a fun shoot.


  4. Pink perfection! You three are gorgeous!!

  5. Hi Tessa, this is the most beautiful thing my eyes ever saw! Everything about it! Would you please tell me where the star earrings are from?!
    Cheers fun girl!

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