Thursday, December 15, 2016

Suit Up Darling

New York City during Christmas time has to be may be the most magical time ever. Yes yes it's crowded and full of millions of people in the streets but if you can step back and see the joy everyone has as they are running from store to store finding gifts for Christmas and catch a whiff of those dang good roasted nuts that always seem to suck me in every year, I promise you will feel the magic too. Haha ok, now I sound like some unicorn fairy but I just love this time of year. I love the traditions of the candy widows and the lighting of the tree and the fact that The Rockets show has been playing every year since 1933 and it's so cheesy but so good, and yes I did attend this year. 

I was lucky enough to have my mom in town a few days this week. If you are ever lucky enough to meet my mom you will probably assume she is your new best friend. She has some way of making everyone fall in love with her. She is hilarious and couldn't care less of what people think. She is so talented it literally kills me. She runs a interior design firm, her work is mouthwatering and insane. She does homes all over the country so I get to see her often when she is in town for a new projects. I don't know anyone that works harder. If you are interested in checking out her stuff I will link it HERE

Anyway, not sure where that shout out to my mom came in, but I love her. 

Cole and I are getting a little stressed as Christmas is now just 10 days away! Is this real??? This is our first Christmas where we haven't lived in the same state as our families and I am having a hard time grasping how to get my gifts home to Utah and all of that. I am excited to go to home though, and see family and friends, ski, and enjoy some actual snow. I can't believe New York doesn't have snow yet? At first it kind of bummed me out but lets just say the shorter the winter the better. You always hear people talk about how cold NY is in the winter but you don't want to believe it. I will say walking around isn't near as enjoyable with that sharp wind attacking your face and the lack of light getting in through the tall buildings. But other than that, it's still MAGICAL promise haha. 

This outfit, well it's a little wild but man am I crushing on suits lately. I love the idea of wearing something that is kind of masculine but also blends with working woman vibe. I have been really inspired by printed sets this year. I think it's an easy statement and bonus, you don't have to try to come up with an outfit, it's ready to go.

I have been getting a lot of requests on these sparkly block heels which unfortunately are sold out in pink but I found the silver pair which is linked below.

peace and blessings
wishing everyone luck in the Christmas crunch time.




  1. Really nice outfit! I love the detailing and colors. :)

  2. Cuuute! Love everything about the outfit. :)

  3. So cool, Tessa! Wish we could pull off a suit like this! WOW!

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