Monday, November 14, 2016


Here I go again talking about food. I promise you this, I have NO SHAME!  Food to me is an art. It is one of the most remarkable things on this planet and I choose to celebrate it and enjoy it. Yes of course being healthy is always a factor, but sometimes life is short and you have to let lose and go wild. AKA move to New York City and literally drown yourself in all the amazing grub that sits on every corner. We live quite close to Madison Square Park and this year they did what is called Madison Square Eats which consisted of an entire block turning into a market of the cutest coolest food stands featuring eats from all over the city. Cole and I were blown away, we literally wanted everything, it was overwhelming in the best way possible. 
Also, speaking of Cole, this is his T shirt. I have had a lot of people ask me where I got it and yes it is in the Men's department of Urban Outfitters and Yes, it is more comfy than any Women's t shirt you will ever find. 
Anyway back to the market, It was incredible from jamaican food, indian taco to poke bowls and giant donuts, it was up for 2 months, WHAT! I of course rolled over in none other than this fluffy pink fur craziness to have everyone looking at me thinking I was headed to hang with the Cookie Monster and Big Bird but hey, that's my style, I like to stand out and be a little odd.
What are your thoughts on the return of the fishnets? If you are a 90's kid I think you will appreciate it, I myself still own my tights from 6th grade that my mom would pair with a platform boot and black skirt and YES, they still fit ( meaning YES, I have always been a giant.) 
Anyway I am into the fishnet craze. Especially just a little dose of it like this Fishnet sock. 
Hope everyone is off to a fabulous Monday.  I have made the decision to LOVE Monday ya know? Everyone gives it such bad rep but it's a fresh start, a new week, and I am down with that. 
So lets give it up for Monday!




  1. I have fishnet socks, too, and they are my fave!!! Wearing them right now actually.


  2. Love your bag! It's a pretty color. The food in NYC is definitely delicious. :)

  3. Love this outfit -- Especially the coat and your fishnet socks! :)

  4. you're inspiring me to get some fishnet in my liiiifeee, love them with the shoes!

  5. So beautiful Tessa! Killin' it with all your posts!

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