Wednesday, August 17, 2016

Folk Project

When it comes to the home I take things pretty seriously. Or not serious at all... haha What I mean is, I love unique things and so my decor has become pretty eclectic. I recently stumbled upon the most amazing artist Merijam. She is the owner and and creator of what I think is the coolest most unique furniture - Folk Project . All one of a kind and hand made pieces using Guatemalan and Mexican Huipil a traditional costume warn by women. Her work showcases their craft bringing it to life in a new medium giving them the acknowledgment they incredible women deserve. I love that people follow their dreams and do something they believe is beautiful. I love that through instagram and blogging I have been able to find people like this. I love this chair and picture it being in my family forever, passing it down, having it in my recording studio one day ;)




  1. So pretty, I love it!

  2. Gorgeous! My daughter and I went to Guatemala in February and absolutely loved the colors on the traje. The colors of their traje represent the region they are from. It was a fantastic trip to learn and experience their culture. I would love a piece made and placed in my home. I am going back by myself next February. I may have to bring some material back with me :) Thanks so much for sharing! ~Natalie

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  4. Hii! I love Guatemala...well beacuse i am Guatemalan! Love your waaaaalll! How do you keep it so neat?

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