Thursday, March 31, 2016

Talking Skin

Oh man, skin skin SKIN! I feel like there are a million ways to take care of your skin, a million different products and what works for one person might not work for someone else, it's a constant guessing game.

Growing up I was really lucky, I had really great skin,  may be two zits my entire life and then boom i became an adult and got ADULT ACNE! Is that a thing?? I guess so... ugh ... so yippee for me I have had to figure out how to really care for my skin later in life. 

The two things I think are most important to start doing right away are exfoliating and protecting yourself from wrinkles. In your 20's your skin stops naturally exfoliating AKA why spin brushes are life savers. You have to help your skin glow it doesn't happen naturally like it use to when you were a teenager and you could skip washing your face and run on 3 hours of sleep.

My routine has been ever changing but for the past few months I have stuck with a routine that has been paying off! I use a spin brush every single day, most of the time in the shower! The reason I crush so hard on the Vanity Planet brush is because it comes with different size heads that work for your entire body!  I live in a desert and my skin is as dry as they come and my body NEEDS THIS!!

Along with that I have been trying something I was a little wary of in the begging but I seriously have nothing but amazing things to say about this product - Glotrition.  Their theory is that you have to treat the skin from the inside out which you're like. . . k  k am I really going to drink this powder twice a day? But I am serious, I noticed a difference within the first few weeks. It stops the skin from wrinkling helps with hair and nail growth and gives you that natural glow. And with that I use the Topical Treatment which visibly fixes lines on your face. I am sure a lot of the people reading this don't have any lines on their face yet so this may seem dramatic, but the sooner you start using products like this you will never have to deal with seeing lines at all.

Then there is the more expensive routine FACIALS.  I know this is a splurge  but facials really do change things and if you can afford it every now and again it is worth it. I have been addicted to the Hyddrafacial at Visage Med Spa! Sometimes you need to spoil yourself, it will pay off in the long run! Trust me! 

Aside from that I use my favorite face cream morning and night from target No7 Cream I have been using this for 7 years and if nothing else, choose to keep your skin hydrated. If that's as low as you want to commit to your skin, this will do you wonders! 

Last, the ultimate easiest and best thing you can do for your skin, DRINK A LOT OF WATER!

Would love to hear if you guys have any tips or tricks out there!



  1. Love this, love your blog, and love your photos - thanks for sharing! I have combo skin and it's a constant guessing game to figure out which cleanser works best, as I live in the Northeast and it varies with the seasons. I love Dr. Hauschka's rose light day cream moisturizer and for clearing my skin, I love to use the pure, green clay packets at Whole Foods and add a little olive oil (it prevents my skin from drying and leaves it so clean).


    Fiona @ |

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  3. Do you use a facial cleanser with your spin brush or do you just use the spin brush alone on your face?

  4. These cleansers keep the best option of maintaining the scrubbing of the face, even you can purchase the automatic cleaner machine as well, the cover the full face, and if any place on the face left that required cleansing, it shows the red beep so that you could do the cleansing of that of the face.
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  5. The very 1st step to preserve an oily skin is to keep your skin oil free; this can be easily done by regularly washing your face gently with a good face wash.
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