Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Guatemala with Nena & Co.

In a world that can feel so saturated with tragedy and heart break it's hard to believe that there are still good people doing amazing things. While this week has been insanely frustrating and devastating to see what is happening around the world I decided to reflect on the positive and share some of the light I have been able to experience with you.

Not too long ago I returned from a life changing trip to Guatemala. I was lucky to go with some of the most inspiring beautiful people. Traveling with new friends can be scary... are we all going to get along, what if they don't like my odd habits?? But if there is one thing I can say, this trip felt like nothing I have experienced before.  Alejandra Hynek, creator of Nena & Co. came up with the idea to bring together all of these divine and talented people to share with us her story and journey. For a little background, Nena & Co. is a company based in Utah & Guatemala. They work with Guatemalan artisans to create hand-woven textiles that are used to make all of their Nena products. They say it best ... " This method provides Guatemalan mothers with honorable incomes and time to care for their children as they work from home. All of our products are designed with functionality and style in mind, embodying the free spirited, everyday woman. Basically we believe in being unique, and that's why we're determined to create one-of-a-kind Nena products for everyone!"
 Now, just reading this you might be like ya ya ya, sounds fun, or cool, but NO, it's AMAZING!

It was a Monday afternoon when we pulled up from a long steep, windy drive to a few makeshift houses surrounded by cornfields. Out came women, smiling ear to ear with arms out for hugs as they greeted us to come learn their craft of weaving. As we walked through rows of corn to get to their house they explained how grateful they were for Ali, she has given them enough work that they were able to build a home! This may sound more extravagant than I am making it seem, this home was made brick by brick with their bare hands, roofed with a tarp for cover. There wasn't an ounce of dissatisfaction, but an overall feeling of complete gratitude and happiness. If you could only meet Ali, you would understand that she does what she does for the people. She has created an environment that is so uncommon and has given these women a life they could have never imagined. 

How often do we think outside of ourselves and share what we are thankful for? After all Thanksgiving is right around the corner,  I am going to make an extra effort to make a difference where I can, to share some love and some happiness with those around me. 

Our last day ended up on the rooftop of our breathtaking home doing some midnight yoga with beautiful soul Jess Hetherington as we watched a volcano explode red hot lava in the distance, to say this trip was extraordinary would be an understatement. 

XO - Tessa

See more photos below- 


  1. Looks beautiful there!


  2. yup, I love Guatemala, literally my second home. tears looking at these images

  3. Perfect words Tessa. I loved our trip so much, truly so eye opening. Those women in Chichi changed my heart forever❤️ So grateful to experience all of that with our amazing group. Ali has done such a beautiful thing for the people of Guatemala, so special to see it in real life.
    Tessa, you spread love & magic everywhere you go! You are destined for greatness✨
    I love you all!

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