Monday, October 5, 2015

Dinner in the Mountains with Hatchery

 ok ok ok... my latest obsession is Hatchery! If you are like me and my husband when it comes to cooking we love to experiment, try new things! So it's always good to have on hand some products that you can get creative with. When I liked up with Hatchery, I had no idea how cool this was going to be. In the mail I received a box of goodies, from siriacha jam to aged balsamic! We thought what more fun then to head up to the mountians with veggies, meats and sauces. I mean lets be real have you ever heard of something as delicioius as Honey Jalapeño bbq sauce!? Any who, I highly recommend trying this out! my mouth is still watering! my favorite idea is their tasting box... see below for deets!

If any of you try this, please share your creations! Always looking for something new. 


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