Thursday, August 20, 2015

iFit Giveaway

I have been obsessing over the one and only iFit, it keeps me on track and constantly thinking about moving! If you're like me and work at a desk half the time it's definitely a necessity. Lucky me I get to giveaway a band, see below for details! 

1. Must be an instagram follower of @Tezzamb
2. Must be an instagram follower of @iFit
3.  Comment below and tell me why you think an iFit would be perfect for you! And tag a friend!

Ends on Monday!
Best of luck. 

ps. new favorite runners are my Altra's



  1. I would love to have an ifit just to keep track of my fitness and be as healthy as I can! Also loving those altras👍

  2. I'm a cross country runner and having an iFit would make it so much more simple to keep track of all the statistics that my workouts involve. My newfound awareness with iFit would help me to become a better runner
    Julia Jack

  3. I no longer have a gym membership and I'm really trying to keep off the freshmen fifteen! Running is absolutely my favorite exercise and the iFit would make it that much more enjoyable. This bag is so cute and I'm honestly excited about the opportunity to win it. I want to achieve my fitness goals so badly and this would help tons! ... ps I also commented on your instagram post, my username is kristadelatorre. Love your blog and this bag!

  4. Would love to have a neat gadget to get me out of my post baby/moving one week after baby funk!

  5. I currently am using a bunch of different gadgets and apps to keep track of all my fitness/health related goals and it would be awesome to combine them all into one band! And I would love the constant reminder on my wrist. Plus the fact that it just looks straight up cool. :) Instagram handle: @_stephanie_shay

  6. Tessa! I would love to win the ifit. It would help me so much in being able to stay healthy. Sometimes it's easy to lose track of how much exercise I'm actually getting, so this would be perfect for me. And as always, I love your blog! You inspire me

  7. I would love to win an ifit because I love it's ability to track multiple aspects of my fitness. I hope to incorporate them all into my daily routine and become well rounded in my journey to be fit. It would be awesome to be able to track everything will working long days too! Love following your Instagram and blog! Instagram handle: @dkpeters

  8. I would love to win this! I've been out of my routine since I moved to the UK and could definitely use the motivation!

  9. I would love to win this because I just had a baby and need all the help I can get to lose the weight.

  10. I would love to win this because I just had a baby and need all the help I can get to lose the weight.

  11. Hi! I would love this, I had my daughter six months ago and have been really struggling to lose the weight and this would be so helpful!! My husband and I can't afford new gear so it would be a lifesaver!! -Emily wilson

  12. An iFit would seriously help me stay motivated on my long trail runs here in Colorado! I also have a job where I sit alllll day at work and it can be really tough to motivate myself to get on the trails after work! Would love one of these for the motivation and also tracking progression! :)

  13. I hoped off the exercise horse when I came to college and ok really really trying to hop back on!!

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  15. Hey Tessa! Sweet name! (I'm a fellow Tessa as well) :) Anyway, an iFit is extremely motivating. I aim to exercise and eat healthy everyday but I will say it's a struggle for me. I work as a nanny and it's difficult to stay on top of what I consume (with all the snacks I give the children, I tend to eat a lot myself) and how much I exercise. It would be very beneficial to have everyday so I can keep track of everything and on top of that it would keep me motivated to getting stronger! I would be very grateful :) Thank you!
    Instagram: @wafflecasseroles
    Tagged friend: @garmakertay

  16. As a teacher, I feel like the ifit would give me that extra little boost during the day! I wake up early to train, but by about eleven, I am ready to take a nap! :P I think having that gentle reminder would push me to keep chasing kids and moving all day long! Instagram: talexish

  17. Hey! I'd love to win as in the past months I've been getting into a whole new phase of my life focused towards health, fitness & self-love so being able to have a brand new gadget to keep track of my daily workouts and activities would be amazing and incredibly motivational. Also thank you for all the inspiration, much love x | Instagram: @christiescx

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