Tuesday, June 2, 2015

T- Shirt Talk

Alright so here it is, the worlds best Tee's. I have heard it before, I am sure you have too, but I am serious.... Top Knot Goods kills it from their vibe to their comfort. I literally live in them. And on top of all that goodness I was honored by my favorite ladies The Gray Girls to get one of their 14 limited vintage tee's. From the beach to the Mountains, enjoy! 

OHHH almost forgot.
My lil necklaces are from babes Jay Nicole Jewelry. I haven't taken them off since I got them.



  1. I love Top Knot Goods. Also your photography is killin' it in these.

  2. I'm seriously in love with all of this babe! What a beauty you are!!! I just discovered your site via the Free People blog, and I am obsessed! Gorgeous styling, magical photography, and lovely life.
    Visit me at http://theindiegirl.com
    I'd love to collab!

    Love Lovey

  3. I am loving your style! I really am in love with the sunglasses in the last few photos of your post, the oversized tan/peachy ones. If you could tell me where I could track them down that would be so rad!

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  6. I'm completely smitten with everything about you, darling! What a stunning T-shirt you're wearing!!! You can see try more something fun at basket random


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