Monday, June 29, 2015

Skaros Rock at the Aegean Sean

Coming soon is a post about my amazing trip to the island of Santorini. 
I want to give you all a guide in case you decide to go, because I did learn the do's and the don'ts. 
But if you are reading this and thinking about going out to the lovely Greece. . . 
you must do a little hike to Skaros Rock. When you first look at the hike it seems a bit intimidating, 400 steps, but it is worth it. You get the islands best view of the Volcano and it's right by the sea, so you don't get too hot on the hike. 
I wore my Free People dress shirt as a cover up my entire trip, it's quickly become by go to wardrobe piece. 

S H O P   T  H E   P O S T 


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