Monday, February 27, 2012

ausculation: the act of listening, either directly or through a stethoscope or other instrument, to sounds within the body as a method of diagnosis..

This video i first created unsure of what i was doing. Paris Gerrard, my model and I tend to create magic when working as a pair. As i edited this video my motives became more clear. 

When losing someone you love there is a feeling of loss and confusion. My sister Sophie passed away almost two years ago now. Tho she is no longer here physically her spirit, passions and beauty live on through me and around me. She is what makes me whole and although it may not be clear to everyone it is clear to me. She is that special light that leads my way and makes me into the beautiful person I am. 



music by Santogold

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  1. Tessa, Thank you for this post. It's amazing how love combined with grief can project us into feeling more alive through their loss. To be who you need to be without them is like walking down a dark street only to be illuminated by the street lamps...each step you take. I'm a sure you live and breath in a manner that your little sister smiles upon.


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