Friday, June 28, 2019

Summer Whites

If there is one color I will be wearing all summer, it’s white. It’s the perfect color against warm tan skin and never goes out of style. I think half my closet during the summer is white, it just always works! With the 4th or July coming up I’m always looking for that perfect outfit that I can wear to a bbq or sit on the beach and watch some fireworks in. This set form Dynamite was the perfect find. Not only is it the most comfortable outfit, I feel like it’s something you can dress up or down with ease. Throw on a pair of sandals and make it easy breezy or a simple nude heel with a slick back bun and you’re automatically chic. I am and always will be the biggest fan of sets. It takes away any stress when putting together an outfit because it’s already made for you, and on top of that, you can always break it up and use the pieces with other outfits. Throw on this little white crop with some denim shorts? Or a button down blouse with these lounge-y linen pants. ALL ABOUT FUNCTION PEOPLE! I am trying to be more conscious about my clothing and buy things that I will use more than a few times. Of course I still love those one off crazy pieces, but having the right basics that are good quality is key! For more great summer selects, check out the links below or head over to Dynamite Clothing to stock your wardrobe! They’ve got it all, from great sets to perfect sundresses, you’re gonna find something great :) xox Tezza


Tuesday, June 25, 2019

For the love of dresses

I love dresses. I love how many different styles there are, I love the comfort, I love the simplicity, and I love feeling like my younger self frolicking in flowers in a bouncy dress. You just can’t beat the ease of the one-and-done-ness of pulling on a dress and walking out the door! Not to mention they can usually fold up pretty small and you can stay under the baggage weight limit while still packing twenty outfits for a two day trip! 

I was lucky enough to partner up with one of my all-time favorite brands, Free People, to celebrate #FPSummer35 in honor of the final 35-day countdown to summer and their 35th anniversary! You know what that means.. I got to pick out a few dresses off of my wish-list and go out shooting… WHAT could be better! I’ve been wearing Free People since way back when and I don’t see myself stopping anytime soon. Casual or formal, they’ve got it all. Need a dress for a cocktail party? They’ve got sequins. Beach day? All sorts of light, cover-up, toss-on dresses. City slickin’? Midi/maxi dresses as far as the eye can see. I’m not exaggerating. 

Cole and I have been jet setting quite a bit lately and I’m always tucking a few extra dresses into the free space in my suitcase “just in case”. While we were in Utah last week we decided to head out on a little nature walk and stumbled across the MOST INSANE field of poppies!! Can you believe this place is real? I couldn’t get enough of it, being out in the mountains always reminds me of when I was younger and would run around outside in my little dresses only to come home with dirt-caked knees and most likely some twigs in my hair, ha! 

What’s your go-to dress style? Are you more skater-shape or babydoll? Whatever your style is, there’s a dress out there for you! 




Monday, June 3, 2019

Swimsuits and Sunshine

Last week Cole and I decided to take a real vacation. While we are so lucky to travel for work it's rarely for pleasure. Of course we have fun and try to soak up each and every moment, but there are deadlines, schedules, and groups of people we are usually traveling with. Our anniversary is June 15th and being that our entire June was booked we thought lets take an early celebration trip to Mexico. We decided that we wouldn't take any pictures unless it just happened naturally and felt fun, we wouldn't worry about or phones or emails and we would just enjoy each others company. It was such a refreshing trip.

2 Weeks before we left to Mexico, I came home from a meeting and Cole was patiently waiting to give me a gift. I have been OBSESSED with everything For Love & Lemons for about as long as I can remember. On the bed he had laying out 3 different swimsuits he had picked out for me for our trip!!! WHATTT! Guys, I was almost crying. It was the cutest thing. I love that he felt confident enough to pick them out for me and that he loved them as much as I did ha. I am so lucky to have a man that is so giving and loving towards every single part of me. And on top of that... every single suit was PERFECT! I couldn't have picked them better myself. 

I love him so much it hurts. I love that I get to work with him and be inspired by him. I love that he makes me feel invincible and make the impossible possible.


Shop Cole's picks below


Tuesday, April 30, 2019

New INSPR x Tezza Out Now!

Guys.. it's here! I'm so happy to share my new pieces from my design collaboration with INSPR!! Following in the footsteps of the first drop, these new additions keep the utilitarian theme running while adding a pop of color into the mix to brighten up your spring. The pieces also introduce a new pantone, Terrarium Moss, that continues to ground the collection paired with the earth tones seen in our first drop.

It's impossible to pick a favorite piece but I will say I'm having a bit of a crush on the paper bag shorts that come in a beautiful fiesta red. The matching belted utility shirt gives you a fully-figured-out look that's polished yet flirty and easy to dress up or down. Best part about this look? The pieces on their own are great with anything you already have in your closet! I tossed on the shorts, a vintage band tee, belt, and my doc martens for walking around the city on a warm spring day and it felt absolutely perfect. The shorts are a perfect alternative to jean shorts because they elevate the entire look and they're so dang comfortable. 

Another lil two in one? The long boyfriend top and utility skirt. Two perfect pieces to rock on their own this spring or double up and layer the skirt over the boyfriend top and you've got a solid look. I wore the boyfriend top with some leopard print biker shorts under and it was a light and effortless look with a bit of hidden edge. As for the utility skirt, we kept the same Soybean pantone from our first drop so it's perfect to pair with the cropped jacket and camis, like I did!  

Now I gotta talk about these jumpsuits.. I can't get enough of them! The new collection features a long sleeved Sweet Corn jumpsuit with a painter-style silhouette and a Terrarium Moss short sleeved jumpsuit that is a looser, more draped fit. Easiest things to throw on and head out in a hurry, no matter where you're going. The Sweet Corn jumpsuit can also be worn with the sleeves tied around your waist and a bralette or bikini top at the beach or on a hot hot day (you know it's coming). Have I mentioned how comfortable these pieces are..? 

The Terraruim Moss wrap dress echoes the earthy green of the zipper jumpsuit and offers a more feminine style, perfect for heading to late afternoon drinks or a springtime dinner with friends. The wrap allows you to adjust the dress to fit your body and guarantee it's gonna look great. 

Do you have any favorites? Shop the collection over at and share your spring looks with me, I absolutely love seeing you all wearing your INSPR x Tezza pieces! 


Monday, April 1, 2019

Red Rockin'

BIG NEWS! WE LANDED ON MARS!!! Just kidding, we landed in southern Utah!

Between Christmas and New Years, my entire family got together and drove down to Southern Utah for some time in the red rocks! It is always so amazing to be here, the colors are out of this world and the mountains are basically tie-dyed. Getting out of my usual routine and taking some time to hike around and hang out with my grandpa is so so sweet. He always has the most amazing gifts for us and our nights are always looong game nights with charades, pictionary, cards, you name it. 

What are some holiday traditions that you guys love to do?! Just found these photos from back in the beginning fo the year but it has gotten me so excited for the upcoming holidays that we all get to spend together as family. 


Thursday, March 28, 2019

Statement Jewelry for Spring

Oversized statement jewelry is coming in hot for spring and I couldn't be happier about it! I've always been a fan of statement jewelry and I grew up playing dress up in my grandma's costume jewelry so it was easy to get on board with this trend. I'm sure you guys have seen the big earrings I've been sporting and I just got back from the Frida Kahlo exhibit at the Brooklyn Museum where we saw her heavy, chunky, jade necklaces on display.. It's so fitting! 

There's something so exciting about the warmer days and budding flowers, it just makes me want to smile and run into the sun. I love to wear a glistening necklace that catches the light around me to instantly brighten the most simple outfits. Slip dress, hair up, oversized earrings, and a big draping necklace makes for a playfully elegant evening look with strappy heels. Or, you can throw on sneakers and some sunglasses and head out for a casual day around town. No matter where you go, you'll be shining. 

Another way to home-make your statement jewelry pieces is to just keep on layering! Thin chain necklaces piled across your chest at different lengths or chunkier shell or beaded necklaces creating almost a metal bib, either way you choose GO BIG! Multichain necklaces are popular and you can find them almost anywhere so it's easy to customize.

Check out some of my jewelry crushes and get searching for your perfect spring accessories!



Monday, March 25, 2019

Turks & Caicos Travel Guide

Turks and Caicos, what a dream! I have always heard about the glory of Turks & Caicos, witnessing friends return from the island paradise with perfect tans and tales of fresh seafood at beachside restaurants, snorkeling in crystal clear water, and long days lounging in the sun. I am so so lucky I got to give this island a go first hand with Summer Salt! I had the best time getting out of the New York City cold and getting some much needed Vitamin D. And not to mention it's only 3 1/2 hours from NYC! Ummmm I'm going every weekend in the winter, see ya! Check out some of my favorite things to do, places to stay, and restaurants to try.

Where to stay: The Shore Club
The Shore Club is a stunning beach side resort with 4 pools, 3 restaurants, and a white sandy beach that stretches on as far as the eye can see. They also had a spa, tennis court, gym, a swim up pool bar, and free surf boards and snorkel equipment. So we pretty much had no reason to ever leave the resort haha, they had it all! On the days we did want to leave and check out other parts of the island they had a free shuttle service that takes you to their two sister resorts which are closer to the town center of Grace Bay. It was super convenient and let us explore so much of the island!

Where to eat: Mr. Groupers

We made the short, 10 minute journey to Mr. Groupers from our hotel after having it recommended to us from so many different people - from locals to regular Turks & Caicos vacationers. It did not disappoint! It had such a great local feel and the food was fantastic. We tried both the Grouper (of course we had to) and the grilled Mahi, and both were so so good! I definitely recommend hitting this up at least once on your trip for some authentic island food. 

Where to eat: Da Conch Shack

Another authentic spot to try some classic Turks & Caicos Conch! Definitely worth checking out as it is right on the beach and a great spot to take some photos with some of the cute conch shells on display. We did try some conch and didn't love it .. but it's definitely worth a try! And no fear, they have plenty of other delicious options on the menu, I loved my fish tacos! 

What to do: hit the beaches

We loved spending time on Long Bay Beach, which is the beach attached to The Shore Club. It's quiet and secluded and had great beach side service. It is also super fun to use the paddle boards and snorkels offered by the hotel to get some time in the ocean. We also had a great time mixing it up and taking the free shuttle from the Shore Club to The Sands, a sister hotel to The Shore Club. The beaches here were also AMAZING! The pool was also so incredible and their beachside restaurant, Hemingway's, was a delicious spot to take a lunch break.

What to do: Ocean time

We had fun trying out the paddle boards and snorkels, and just swimming around in the beautiful clear water was so much fun. With that being said there were other awesome activities that we didn't have time to try out during our stay! Number one would have been kite surfing. There is a kite surfing spot right on the beach just two minutes away from The Shore Club and it looked insane! It was super cool to watch the kite surfers out there all day and I highly recommend giving it a try if you want to add a little adventure to your beach trip.

Another activity we would have loved to do was horse back riding in the the ocean. Yeah, you heard that right, horseback riding on the beach in the shallow ocean water! It looked so amazing, but on the day we wanted to do it we got hit with a rain/wind storm (super uncommon for Turks & Caicos btw, so don't worry about bad weather on your trip haha). Check out Provo Ponies to give it a go.

The Best Island Getaway

We had the most incredible time in Turks & Caicos with Summer Salt. It was the perfect island getaway from this nasty NYC cold and I could see us going back again and again. Ahhh I'm already missing that sunshine and beautiful blue ocean.

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