Tuesday, February 5, 2019

What to wear on Valentine's Day

Hope everyone is getting excited for Valentine's Day! Thought I would post about some pieces I'm absolutely loving for this Valentine's Day, whether you're going out on a date or staying in with you gals, it's always a nice excuse to treat yourself.

Monday, February 4, 2019

Monday, January 14, 2019

My workout routine

Happy New Year everyone! 2019 I am sure you are hearing everyone around you talk about how 'THIS IS THE YEAR'!

With the holiday season ending and resolutions on our minds, I wanted to share some of my all time favorite workouts that Cole and I love to do. It has taken me a lot of trial and error with different routines, classes, and gym days to find the best workout for me but I've finally stumbled into something that leaves me feeling stronger, energized, and that is actually a lot of fun! Don't be discouraged if you haven't settled on a plan that works because it takes TIME but I promise you that you'll learn so much about your body and what you need through the process. Never give up! 


Thursday, December 20, 2018

What to wear for New Years

Here is goes...   a list of all my favorite products from high end to low end, fancy to subtle. Getting dressed for the holidays can be overwhelming at times but I think having that one piece that you just fawn over and feel excited to wear is worth it. Weather you want to make a statement with your shoes or want to be head to toe in sequins,  feeling confident and loving your outfit is always worth it.


Tuesday, December 18, 2018

A little bit of classy n' a little bit of hood

I love love love to dress in a classic feminine style but theres always my inner tomboy coming and tossing something into the mix to spice it up lol. This look was so fun because before I put on the sweatshirt I was feeling like I was dressed for the hundreds of holiday parties happening, but then I cozied up in my tie-dyed sweatshirt and walked around the city going about my day. The look went from dressy and festive to street-style in seconds. Highly recommend playing around with your looks like this, it really shows how much you can transform a piece!

Can we have a moment of silence for these boots though.. these iridescent babies catch the light even if you're in the dark. From one angle they shine pink, another angle and they're green, usually both at the same time, all supported by a silver metallic base. I cannot get enough of them!! So so fun and a great way to step up your holiday looks. If you're searching for a last minute Christmas gift, these babies are it. 





Monday, December 17, 2018

Moving Apartments in New York City

After two years in our studio apartment, Cole and I decided it was time for us to step it up and move into a more realistic apartment.. I mean, we went from living in a four bedroom home in Utah to moving all of that into a single room! I really don’t know how we made it this long in that tiny little box but man did we love every second of it. Well, maybe not the hundreds of clean-out days we did, but definitely every other second!

So, we set out on the search for a new place and stumbled into what we KNEW would be our new home.. a lower east side apartment with TWO bedrooms! Not to mention a lovely living room space and a kitchen that can fit an actual human in it! Can you tell we’re excited?!

Next project to tackle was how in the world we would get all of our things from one place to the next.. it just seemed impossible. That’s when we found Roadway Moving, which saved. my. life. The Roadway crew was great at communicating and able to work with our schedule and BOTH of our building's requirements, which was not an easy task considering its the holiday season and I’m somehow always running around.. 

On the morning of the move, the crew showed up right on schedule, I signed the papers, and next thing I know… goodbye old apartment! I was in shock at how quickly they were able to pack up the entire place. I swear I would blink and another six boxes full of stuff would somehow already be on the truck. Within two hours we were en route to the new apartment and unloading boxes. The entire crew was so communicative and helpful, always checking in with where I wanted to unload each box and even helping out when I looked at them puzzled with where to store my four million pairs of shoes. 

Roadway Moving was done before their estimated time and we were left to finish unloading the boxes we requested to work on ourselves. The minute they left Cole and I both looked at each other and just shrugged because somehow here we were yet we felt like we had hardly broken a sweat! I really cannot say enough good things about Roadway Moving and their entire staff. From start to finish, we felt like we were in great hands and it reduced our stress sooo much. 

If you’re in New York, I would definitely recommend Roadway Moving! We had such an incredible experience and felt like we literally woke up in one apartment then went to sleep in a whole new apartment twenty blocks lower! It was incredible!!

Cole and I are so happy in our new spot and feel like we can really see ourselves making a life here for much longer. With less clutter and more room to breathe, the new apartment has brought us so much inspiration and excitement. I will always love our first studio apartment for all the incredible memories we made there but there comes a time to more onwards and upwards :) 


Time to shine

It's that time of the year... time to bring out all the sequins and shiny things you have hiding in your closet. We all know I am not one to hold back when it comes to being a bit extra, and yes of course I wear sequins year round even when it's not appropriate so you can bet your butt that I wear them every day during this time of year. There is nothing more fun to wear to holiday parties and fun nights with friends and family. It brings that extra little shine and celebration to an already exciting evening. 

I teamed up with Express to bring you a few of my favorite holiday pieces. Some being extra casual and some extra extra. I love how affordable their pieces are and easy to mix and match. The high waisted leather looking pants are my absolute favorite. Pair those with a band t shirt and you look like you "tried" to get ready haha. I am also crushing so hard on the green color! 

My next favorite piece, and I have to say this because I mean it from the bottom of my heart, is the Sherpa cocoon cover-up is hands down the coziest thing I have ever put on my body! I will definitely be wearing that for the next few months trying to stay warm in NYC. 

I hope everyone is enjoying time with all their loved ones and of course finding an excuse to dress up! Shop at Express and shine your brightest this year!

Happy Holidays, 

p.s. I love you all!


Thank you to Express for sponsoring this post! 



Friday, December 14, 2018

The Coastal Kit



We are so excited to announce our newest collage kit- the Coastal Kit! Just like the Original Collage Kit, the Coastal Kit includes 150 printed photographs which have been taken by me and my husband Cole! Each 8.5 x 11 inch color photograph captures moments we loved and felt matched the coastal vibe your collage wall needs. 

We traveled all throughout the Italian Coast taking photo after photo as we tried to capture how much we loved our days surrounded by colorful architecture, incredible people, and the sparkling blue waters. We wanted to share the culture that had won us over almost instantaneously. This edition features many photos from our time in California, Hawaii, and the Italian coast, complete with locations and descriptions that act to inspire your travel or tap into your wanderlust. With beach scenes, blue skies, and bright moments, the Coastal Kit is just what the doctor ordered as the weather gets colder and colder! 

Getting this up on your wall is simple.. just grab some scotch tape, a blank wall, and get taping! I find it helps to put up a few then step back and check out your great work. The Coastal Kit has a great mix of standalone photos, two-page landscapes, graphics, and postcard-like pages, so get creative! 

Make sure to look out for exciting new variations of the collage kit, we’re always working on something new :) 

xox Tezza


Monday, December 10, 2018

Cowboy Boots and Country Music - Nashville

As my dad randomly texted me while I was in Nashville... "You can take the girl out of the country but you can't take the country out of the girl!"

Whether or not that makes sense, I was definitely channeling the cowgirl inside of me during our trip! The first few days of our trip we stayed at the newly opened JW Marriott in the heart of Music City and had the best time exploring all that Nashville has to offer. I couldn't believe how much live music was going at all times as we walked down Broadway.. how can one place have SO MUCH talent?! I've been hearing a lot about how Nashville is an up and coming city and I can definitely confirm that it's true. There are so many new developments popping up all around and now that Amazon has announced they will be opening a location, even more jobs will come to the area, bringing more new residents, talent, and personality.

One day when we had some free time we stopped by Jack White's record company, Third Man Records, to check out the spot. The store has the coolest Voice-o-Graph booth where you can record yourself onto a 6" vinyl that pops right out after you record! Obviously, I had to get in and sing a little song for the memories. The machine is the original booth that has been used by stars from all around since 1947 and the recording definitely shows the age by adding grit and grain to the audio. It is so incredible and the sound comes out almost hauntingly aged, I definitely recommend checking it out!

One of the coolest moments of the trip was when we stopped into the Lucchese store in The Gulch (a little neighborhood with tons of shops and food spots!). Lucchese is a boot making brand that has been handcrafting their products since 1883. Though it started in Texas, they have claimed a top spot in Nashville considering their high quality leather and popularity among country stars and fans alike. We walked around the boutique with our jaws on the FLOOR at their intricate designs and variety of styles. Not joking, there were at least five different pairs of boots that I would kill to have. Cole even got himself a pair and wore them to the CMAs like a natural.

For the last day of our trip, we decided to switch over to Urban Cowboy B&B to get a different side of Nashville and experience this super cute spot. Every little detail throughout the B&B was perfectly decorated and thought out, I couldn't stop taking pictures of every single inch of the property. Our room even had a stunning clawfoot tub in the middle of the room so obviously.. I had to get in! I'm a sucker for a good tub. 

All in all, we left Nashville with smiles at least a mile wide. What a fun time! If you haven't been already, I definitely recommend adding this bustling city to your travel list.




CMA Awards 2018

We were lucky enough to go to the CMAs this year, which was the first time I have ever been to an award show. Of course you build it up in your head to be more glamorous than it is. You forget that there are odd holds for commercial breaks and that they actually prep you counting down from 3,2,1( start applause) when coming back from the commercial breaks lol.  It was so exciting getting to see some of the incredibly talented performers play their music live! Coming from a musical background and of course playing in bands my entire life, I am a sucker for a skilled musician and performer!!

To be honest I haven't been a big country music fan mostly because I just didn't grow up listening to it but I have to say, I think the CMAs changed me. (Inside scoop... we cannot stop singing Slow Burn by Kasey Musgraves.. it's beautiful and addicting.. so go turn it on!).

The JW Marriott was hosting Universals afterparty for the CMAs and when I say we tore the dance floor apart I'm going to need you to believe me. Fingers crossed there aren't any videos of us breaking it down.. needless to say we were sore the next day from all the laughing and dancing.

I love getting all glammed up for an event like this! I was wearing a gorgeous mint green gown by Monique Lhuillier, which gave me definite vintage Hollywood vibes that matched my pinned up hairstyle. I have never gone quite so stylized with a look but it made me realize how transformative makeup and hair can be to a look. I had a lot of fun with it.



Friday, November 9, 2018

Dinner Date with DSW


It’s that time of year... the sun goes down earlier, it’s a little but chillier and you want to cozy up with the ones you love. Here is a friendly little reminder to make time and start planning some date nights! Life is moving way too fast, try to slow down and enjoy it. 

I remember before I was married I never knew what on earth to wear on a date. Here are a few simple tips that will go a long way.
1. Black is always a good idea, it’s easy, sexy and cool all at the same time.
2. Go easy and effortless, of course you want to feel and look pretty, but be natural and you, that’s your best self!
3. And my favorite tip of all, let the shoes do the talking! You don’t have to wear 6 inch heels or be uncomfortable but a fun shoe can go a long way and make you feel like the confident woman that you are. 

If you have been following me for the last year you are aware of my love for DSW shoes. They have everything from flats to boots to heels and slippers and even better they are all reasonably priced. So if you’re like me and have a little shoe addiction, this is where you’re going to get the best bang for your buck! Oh and THEY CARRY SO MANY SIZE 11’s... sorry for screaming but I can’t tell you how difficult that is to find! 

So the first shoe I want to bring to your attention is this sparkly little bootie. They are the perfect shoe to add some drama to an outfit without putting on a fancy dress. Sometimes it's the little details that speak the loudest. These shoes caught the glimmers from the streetlights as we strolled to an indie film in the west village followed by a fun Friendsgiving across town. Cole and I have been going to so many holiday parties and I feel like this shoe is the perfect statement. My feet were comfortable and even more importantly warm on a crisp fall night. I got so many compliments on these booties, I highly recommend them!

Cole is always good at planning spontaneous date nights in the city but as we walk out the door he always looks at me and says, “are those shoes comfortable?” He likes being out in the city and taking it all in. So I always make sure my shoes are made for walking haha. Oh and let’s not forget the men, Cole is also rocking and pair of DSW boots. Wing-tipped, suede, and the best feature if your man is like mine, they have a zipper! He loves boots as much as I do but hates when they take forever to get on with all the laces... these are a winner.

My next look we were headed to a fun night on the town to a newly discovered speak easy late on Saturday night. I decided to kick my outfit up a notch by slipping into these adorable pointed heels by Chinese Laundry. They are the perfect Fall heel, your toes are protected but they are still sexy and not overpowering to an outfit. I definitely don't buy into the idea that tall people can't wear heels. If you’re tall, and worried to go for it, stop what you’re doing, go put on your highest heels and go flaunt it. You’re tall and beautiful and should own that!!! 

Most nights in NY end either stumbling into a bodega for  a dollar pizza slice or eating ice cream on your fire escape. I remember as a kid I always dreamed of being able to sit out on my fire escape and watch the cars go by! Careful what you wish for ... 

No matter what your plans are, you're gonna need something on your feet. So do yourself a favor and check out the incredible collection over at DSW

Happy Fall everyone.



This is post sponsored by DSW Designer Shoe Warehouse. All opinions expressed in this post are mine.
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