Tuesday, October 9, 2018

Taking Time Together

Okay whhyyyy am I just now realizing how amazing weeknight dates are?! Cole and I went out for dinner the other night at Atla for the most incredible meal then walked home and ordered some late night Morgenstern’s for some ice cream because, ya know, I’m obsessed. Now that the weather is cooling down we can stroll around more often which means less money spent on cabs and more money on dates! 

It is so important for us to get out of our apartment-turned-office and spend some time together where we aren’t planning shoots or working on the brand. I am so so lucky to work so closely with my husband and I wouldn’t trade it for anything. The only downside is when work starts to tip toe into every conversation and hijack our rare moments out of the office. 

With so many events and meetings to get to, its easy to forget to pencil in a moment for ourselves. Suddenly the entire week is booked up and - trust me - we will keep working until we literally fall asleep at our computers. We’ve now promised to leave a night open just for us to take a big ol’ breath and spend some time with no Tezza, no phones, no shop-talk, just relaxing. What better way than to grab an amazing dinner and stroll through New York City? Ah!

Weeknight dates are a great way to break up the week and get us recharged to work hard to finish up on a high note. We’ve gotten so close through working together I can’t even believe how lucky I am to have found a business AND life partner in one man! Added bonus, I have someone to stop me from stepping in anything on the sidewalk when I’ve got my head in the clouds..which is often haha. 

A few fun date night tips we have done in the past you might enjoy
-Find a local comedy show in your neighborhood, in NY we like to go to UCB which is only $5 and always entertaining. 
-Go to 3 restaurants for dinner: Appetizers at the first one, main course at the second, dessert at the third. 
-Go dancing and be silly. A favorite spot of ours is called Beauty Bar it’s in the east village, you can actually get your nails done in there but they always have a fun DJ playing old school music with tacky glitter wallpaper and everyone in there is just looking to have fun! 
-Ride bikes around the West Village



  1. you guys are just soooo adorable!! i just cant!!!! and so true with the date nights, should do it also more often with my boy :) xxx

  2. I totally agree! It’s so important to dedicate at least one night for relaxing. Thanks for sharing! :)

  3. I really enjoyed this post and totally agree with what you say. It is so important to take quality time to spend together. We may spend much time together, but quality time, not talking about job and enjoying ourselves is the best plan to do.



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