Saturday, October 6, 2018

Finding Your Fall Fragrance

I hope everyone is enjoying the first few days of October!! I know I have been loving the crisper air after a long and humid summer. I'm so excited to have teamed up with Sephora for this post after years of overshopping their incredible selection of products! Their new fall fragrances have hit the shelves and I couldn't get enough of this perfect Tory Burch Nuit Azur perfume that brought the warm French coast to my Paris Fashion Week craziness.

Our first few days in Paris were warm and bright and we spent every waking moment out in the streets taking it all in. As the days suddenly got colder, we were instantly missing the summery vibes we had been loving and I'm not kidding the Tory Burch perfume came to my RESCUE! The floral freshness brightened the cloud covered skies and gave me a whole new energy. You know how certain scents can completely fill you with memories? Nuit Azur instantly brought to the sea with the feeling of relaxing in the warm, setting sun and helped me to breathe a little deeper as I ran around Paris with Cole.

I'm a huge fan of how Sephora provides great descriptions of their fragrance selection online so that if you can't make it into the store you can still find the perfect scent, whether it is floral, earthy, warm, cold, you name it. What’s even easier about shopping for a scent online is the Sephora Fragrance Finder that gives you a few quick questions to narrow down the many different perfumes and help you find the exact vibe you’re looking for. Who knew you could shop for a fragrance without even actually smelling it!? I’m totally on board and have been matched with some of my favorites each time I take the quiz.

Be sure to check out the Tory Burch fragrance as well as a few of my other favorites on Sephora!

xox Tezza



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