Wednesday, September 12, 2018

Best Positano Instagram Spots

Thinking about planning a trip to the Amalfi Coast? I would definitely recommend spending some time around Positano with the stunning beaches, winding city sidewalks, and coastal beauty. Not to mention, it's Italy, so of course it is overflowing with delicious food! I made a little list of some of my favorite spots around the town to give you some ideas for where you can snap some  incredible shots!

1. Fruit Stand
If you're in the mood for a beautiful walk along the coastline, head south from Positano on Amalfi drive and in between Positano and Villa Treville you will see the CUTEST little fruit stand on the side of the road with some quality produce. If your legs are too tired from all the stairs you've been climbing throughout the city, you can also just grab a taxi and drive over. The sweetest man runs the fruit stand and if you ask for a photo with him too he will let you stay and take as many photos as you'd like. Not to mention the fruit is really, really good!!

2. Beach Cove
The Amalfi Coast is always crowded this time of year but honestly the photos make it look so much more crowded than it actually is. If you decide to look at all the people in a more positive way and see that they're all enjoying themselves, the crowds won't bother you as much!

Still too crowded for you? Head a bit beyond the main Positano beach area and walk about seven minutes up the stairs and around the path to the right of the marina and you'll run into a cute little beach tucked into the cove. This is a bit more private, but I promise the crowds aren't too much of a bummer so definitely don't get scared off, this place is a paradise!

3. Spiaggia Grande
The main beach in Positano is absolutely stunning. So lively and surrounded by so much beauty. From our experience, the beaches weren't crowded until about 11am and even then there was still space all around us. For the best lighting, getting there around 7:30am is ideal!

4. Boat Ride Around Positano
I would recommend doing this earlier in your trip because they take you along the coast and show you so many hidden beach clubs and spots that you wouldn't stumble upon on your own! There are three different boat companies who do tours like this.. I've tried two of the three and they were both great, you really can't go wrong!

5. Atrani
This is a stunning little town with the cutest beach umbrellas lined up in the sun, perfect for a day trip to check out the adorable town. Atrani is so charming and true Italians live there, giving it a less touristy feel. Truthfully, this trip was easy for us since we had rented a car but there is always the option to take the ferry, use a rideshare, or even grab a cab. Only about a 45 minute drive from Positano!



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