Wednesday, August 15, 2018

Making life easier

Being a New Yorker, you get used to trying to get around without a car. The obvious answer to most of my problems with transportation is Uber. I am sure everyone reading is familiar with Uber, it has been the best invention since Pokemon cards in the 3rd grade, almost everyone uses it, it always works, and it makes getting from place to place way easier .

Cole and I travel about half of the year. When we are not in NY we are in another city or country. It’s been so amazing to see how worldwide Uber has become and how insanely helpful it is. Being someone who has started their own business, I have to vouch for businesses who are always stepping up and pushing to grow and make their product better, even when it’s already great. Uber has just launched a new feature which I find to be the best thing EVER! And so I am extremely excited to write to you guys about it…

You know when you are on a street corner with a bunch of other people or in front of a crazy weird house or apartment and wish you could just write the Uber and say “ the tall crazy girl in the polka dot jumper”? Well now you can! Uber has added a few new features to make rides stress-free and more convenient. You can schedule an Uber well in advance of when you need a ride, and with their new On-Time Guaranteed Pickups, you won’t have to  worry about having to request an Uber at 6am for an early flight ever again! Schedule it the night before and sleep easy. Not only that, you can also send the driver Pickup Messages as to where you will be, what you are wearing etc!
We have been traveling in Wisconsin of all places this week visiting family and were headed out to our next trip this morning. I requested an Uber, basically in the middle of nowhere, and all I had to type was “cottage with the flowers”. Boom! 4 minutes later my ride found me and I was on my way.

It doesn’t get much easier than that.





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