Wednesday, June 20, 2018

Swimsuit Heaven

I just got back from a family trip to Hawaii and I am still in shock about the nonstop beauty. There were moments where I was literally questioning what UNIVERSE I was in. I mean, did you see those dolphins?! Unreal!

I’ll get a post up soon about my trip details but for now I thought I would show my swim suits for some summer shopping ideas cuz I had so much fun with these bright suits. There's something so great about running around the island and cruising through the ocean in these swimmies! Wowowow, still feeling a bit like I'm in dreamland.

xx Tezza




  1. Totally love the pictures! The swimsuits are so so cute too!! That yellow one is stunning x

    Lina /

  2. OMG i love love those pictures so so much girl! I'm totally hooked to the colorful striped trend as well and just bought a nice bathing suit :D I love the editing of those pictures so so much, i just recently bought all your presents but it never looks that good on my pictures then on yours!?

    1. Hey Melina! Have you tried to tweak the presets in terms of the exposure, contrast, etc? The presets usually require a few adjustments to look right- it's hard to get a one size fits all. Hope that helps!

  3. That white ruffle suit is so cute!


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