Friday, February 2, 2018

The Royal Hawaiin

If you want to be a successful hotel, paint everything pink and all the instagram girls will come! (haha) Only joking, but honestly, the Royal Hawaiian is a retro dream. We recently went to Hawaii with my loves, Albion Fit, to shoot some of their new swims for the year and I have to say, buckle up, because there are some cute suits coming down the pipeline! 
If you are wondering if I am a surfer girl... the answer is nope, I am posing LOLZ! I mean... that being said I have even gotten up, but really I am no good. I will always remember the picture of Cole and I on the surfboard because we tired 20 times to get on top of the board all romantic with both of us sitting, but we couldn't balance for the life of us! We kept flipping over into the water and it was a disaster. 

Our friend Jess was trying to get pics with her underwater cam and we kept getting slammed by waves! I think sometimes in this world of Instagram we see all these moments that seem so perfect and wonder HOW. But let me tell you, most moments are far from perfect, and I can tell you first hand a lot of shoots or ideas we have end up a disaster. When you come out with a beautiful photo it still feels good. That's why I fist started photography. I would stare at images for hours because they made me feel something. The moment is real even if it is for the little moment in time, you can capture a feeling. 



  1. OMG| How cute is this hotel!!! and your pics are amazing!!!


  2. I love photos, i need one trip like this
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  3. Where to even start!?! All of these photos and this hotel just looks incredible!!
    xx Jenelle

  4. I am still so, so in love with the style of your pics!<3

  5. How fun! Everybody looks like they’re enjoying their time. The hotel looks lovely too. :)

  6. always in love with your photos!!

  7. In love with your photos! <3 Are your presets compatible with Lightroom 6?

  8. oh my gosh tessa these pictures are all so beautiful!! this place is magic✨✨✨✨you inspire me so so much, the most creative human!


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