Tuesday, February 13, 2018

Date Night

 I live in the best city in the world and I have all the best restaurants on every corner but some of my favorite date nights have been in my very own studio apartment. We are lucky enough to have a view of the freedom tower out the window, our Marshall speaker pumps the best tunes and our mess of string lights makes any moment 10X more magical. We love rearranging our apartment even if it's for a few hours. From moving our bed so we can have a cooler jam space, putting our kitchen table by the window and completely setting up a new wall of art, our little space has seen it all. You would think living in NYC and hearing all the noise out your window would get annoying but I kid you not we love it. We sleep with the window open and it never bothers us. When I travel back home and sleep in a perfectly silent room I can hear myself think and falling asleep feels impossible.

This city isn't for everyone but I tell you what, if you like it even just a little, you should try living here. It is hands down the most amazing experience of my life. I feel grateful for every day. 

Tonight is Valentines eve which duh, why wouldn't you celebrate?? I celebrate love every day of the year. If you don't have a so called Valentine, remember loving yourself is just as important. Grab your girlfriends, your family, yourself, and make sure to let the ones you love know you love them. Life is way too short to leave things unsaid. Spread happiness and love and it will keep on giving. 

Thanks to Express Cole and I had little matching date night outfits! 5 dollar pizza, Coca-Cola, and the sound of the city we had some time tonight to catch up. We have had a crazy few weeks and the train isn't going to stop! I have been crushing pretty hard on gingham print if you can't tell. It was something I never saw myself wearing but the second I put it on, it was love at first sight, there is something classic about it, never goes out of style. 

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  1. Your date night looks so fun! I totally agree that living in the city can be very exciting. The hustle and bustle never ends! Thanks for sharing. :)

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