Wednesday, January 18, 2017

Rainy Day Hangs

It's a rainy day, fortunately not too chilly and I really can't be complaining because this is far better than the weather I was experiencing last week. I often like days like this, I get to open the windows of my apartment, play some music, get all my emails finished and enjoy watching the fog dance between the buildings out my window. 

Lately I have been trying to wake up earlier than usual to get more done in my day but something about this weather keeps pulling me back into bed! I am counting down the days till Spring, I know everyone has a favorite season and I swear everyone always says the Fall but I am Spring's biggest cheerleader, what is not to love?! You are coming out of the most miserable time of year ( k being dramatic but you get it) the birds are chirping the sun lasts forever, flowers are in bloom, everyone is walking around outside, and somehow 60º feels like 90º!

Lately I am entertaining the idea of starting a Youtube channel. I get many requests for routines and apartment tours but for some reason there is something so intimidating about it all to me. I would love some suggestions of you what you guys would want to even see or be interested in hearing about. I get a lot of email requests about photo editing so I figure that is a good place to start but PLEASE I would love to hear from you in the comments below! 

Hope everyone is having a fabulous Wednesday! 

cheers. . .

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  1. If you made a YouTube I would definitely subscribe! I would love to see the apartment tour, photo editing and maybe some outfit look books :)

    1. Emily, so great to hear from you! thank you so much. I will definitely get on it :)
      have a great day.

  2. Yes to YouTube! Photo editing would be fantastic, as well as an apartment tour, and also maybe just videos of you decorating whenever you change your space around. You have this ability to layer pieces in your home that make it look so lovely and lived-in and I'd love to see how that all comes together (like in a sped up video if that makes sense!)

    1. Mary-Katherine...
      yes that totally makes sense! Love the idea! I hadn't even considered that people might be interested in seeing that! Thank you so much! :)

  3. Of course Photo editing for sure for me as I only use my phone at this time with VSCO! Trying to save up for more programs! Also, you're going to be doing what you love! Have no fear! Jesus is going to blesss what you create! Keep it up!

  4. Yes yes! I'd love to see some videos by you! All the suggestions above are brilliant. :)

  5. I would abolutely love to watch your videos! Some ideas: morning/night routine, nyc guide of some interesting (and maybe unknown) places... home decoration and outfit lookboks would also be great! Thanks :)

  6. That would be so cool! An YouTube Channel! I would love to know how you take care of you hair :)


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