Sunday, September 18, 2016

Leanne Marshall

Leanne Marshall is one of the most amazing designers. I just got to attend her show at fashion week and left feeling like I was floating on a cloud. This dress is honestly so insane I felt like i was wearing a piece of art. Of course I had to add a rock n' roll twist to it with my leather. Shout out to John my super intendant who let us sneak onto the roof of my building for some fun pics. 

Tessa Barton 


  1. Great job by Leanne Marshall!! I loved your dresses designs, I think everyone keep eye on your dress when dressed it in the wedding! Photographer may reflects too your dress and style!!

  2. so obsessed with you and your style. you are an inspiration <3

  3. Love this dress! Seriously so obsessed with your style. You're such a wonderful human bean.

  4. This look is EVERYTHING!!! Such a good combo

  5. Girl this is so stunning!


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