Monday, July 13, 2015

Little Tienda in the Mountains

Talk about a view, today we went up Big Cottonwood one of the many canyons surrounding me just begging to be explored. I couldn’t imagine something better to cook around in than my new pieces from Little TiendaI have gone head over heals for their unique threads. I’ll let the ladies from Little Tienda speak for themselves: 
Our pieces bring a unique story and rhythm from Mexico - the vibrancy, the kick-up-your-heels lust for life, the colorful tales contained within each thread."  They totally echo and match perfectly with my adventurous way of life. The materials are so durable and well made, yet truly works of art. I am still dying over all the intricate threading and vibrant colors! Perfect for all occasions from a mountain getaway and camping trip to dinner in the city. 
If the dress and poncho weren’t enough! I am obsessed with my amazing cowhide bag. It keeps all my knick knacks safe while also being the perfect accessory. 

I’ll catch you all in a few, I’m throwing on my poncho and cruising up the canyon as we speak! 



Conch belt/bracelet - Jay.Nicole
Poncho, Las Flores Dress, Cow Hide Bag - Little Tienda



  1. I'm in love with your blog and all of your photos!


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